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The New Years' 2013 Newsletter has arrived!
January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!

To celebrate, we've just posted our latest Newsletter - a wrap-up of all the new, interesting, and fun things we've been doing in the last few months.

Full of new models, new details, new dealers, and more, the Newsletter is a great preview of some of the latest models we'll be formally introducing at NAMM later this month.

Click here to read our latest Newsletter!

Happy Holidays from Veillette Guitars!
December 28, 2012

From all of us at Veillette Guitars, best wishes for a great Holiday season!

It's been a great year for us, and stay tuned for a new Newsletter very soon with a wrap-up of all we've been up to in the last half of 2012.

In the meantime, here's a lovely solo bass arrangement of a holiday classic, from our friend Kenji Takeda in Japan,

played on his custom Paris 5-string fretless:


(We love that little tree in the background!)


Many thanks to Kenji Takeda for a beautiful video - and Happy New Year!

Introducing the Flyer Bass!
December 13, 2012

It's always big news when a new bass emerges from our shop...after all, AndE, Martin, and Tim are all bass players!

Now, after months of inquiries and customer requests, we've completed the first two Flyer Basses...and they are really special.  We're thrilled with the results, and already working on the next ones.

Inspired by the same design goals as our Flyer guitars, the Flyer Bass seeks to strike a new balance between the acoustic and electric worlds, in a comfortable and practical instrument that appeals to both.

Plugged-in, the Flyer has a tremendous, full-range amplified tone that rivals the best acoustic basses — responsive, sensitive, and natural-sounding, with an incredibly authentic "acoustic" personality. Unplugged, the Flyer Bass is great for practice or intimate settings.

Most striking about the Flyer's tonal personality is the clean and well-defined attack.  Notes start quickly and precisely, and remain clear and distinct even when played fast. Compared to the "spongy" and "slow" feel and response common to many acoustic basses, the Flyer has speed and punch.

With its 14" body width and full 34" scale, the Flyer Bass feels familiar and approachable.  And, at just under 5 lbs., this is an incredibly comfy bass...about half the weight of many solidbodies!

We've already filmed a couple of videos - stay tuned for more!


Happy Thanksgiving!
November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! We're ever-thankful for all the creative and open-minded guitarists who keep pushing Veillette Guitars forward, and feeding us with new ideas and inspirations!

Here's our latest "family member", the incredible Christie Lenée.

She stopped by the shop to pick up her new Gryphon, and filmed this beautiful tune on Joe's new Flyer Doubleneck. This is the first time she ever played this guitar!


The star of the Woodstock show...
October 31, 2012

For us, anyway - this guitar was the star at our table during the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers' Showcase.

It's Joe's new gig guitar, and we're all really, really pleased with it!

This is the first prototype of the Flyer Doubleneck.

At 6.2 lbs, it is astonishingly lightweight - and even more impressively, the balance is just about perfect.

No neck dive, and the same weight as many traditional single-neck acoustics!


If the guitar is going to be this light and this well balanced - "what the heck", it might as well have two necks, right?


Many players don't ever consider doubleneck guitars - mostly because they're usually heavy, unbalanced, and no fun to play.

This instrument makes a compelling case for doublenecks as useful, comfortable, and truly satisfying - it's a very playable guitar.


(And did we mention it weighs 6.2 lbs?  Really.)


This is really a good one - it may be Joe's favorite personal gigging guitar yet.

Veillette at the Woodstock Invitational Showcase!
October 24, 2012

Well, it's that time of year again - one of our very favorite times, in fact!

Time for the 2012 Woodstock Invitational Luthiers' Showcase

We will be there along with 40 other fine builders of high-end, handmade acoustic instruments.

We'll be showing some of our newest creations like the Merlin, alongside our "modern classic" models like the Terz and Baritone 12.

There will also be a few "specialty" pieces that are guaranteed to turn some heads....including Joe's new personal gig guitar.

Here's a clip from a past Luthier's Showcase featuring 4 Veillettes (three guitars and one Joe!) onstage together, alongside Larry Campbell and Jerry Mitnick.