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A new Doubleneck is born...
February 21, 2013

After many months of drawing, custom work, and problem-solving, we're so glad to introduce our latest Doubleneck Acoustic!

This is our first double-standard-tuned instrument - a Standard 6 and Standard 12 together on one box. 

At 6.5 lbs., it's light, responsive, and very easy to handle.  The tone and volume of both necks is punchy, balanced, and beautiful.  Beyond that, like all our Doublenecks, there is an added dimension of interaction and sympathetic resonance between both necks, which creates an ethereal, reverb-like presence and depth.

This instrument also features a custom soundport and front arm bevel, which gives the right arm a little extra comfort where it crosses the 16" lower bout.

This is also the first doubleneck we've done with our "pinless"-style bridges, and we're very pleased with the result!

 Dual piezo pickups and a hi-fi 18v preamp perfectly translate the acoustic tone, including the intriguing interactivity between the necks.  And, for good measure, the custom red-to-tobacco burst was mixed specifically for our client.

Veillette Doubleneck 6/12 

This is a whole lot of guitar - but despite the 18 strings, it's incredibly easy to play, and very inviting - it lets you just forget you're playing a doubleneck, and just play guitar.  We're thrilled with it, and our client could not possibly be any happier!

NAMM 2013 Photos!
February 6, 2013

We're back and finally rested up from NAMM 2013.

It was a great show, as's wonderful to connect with our old friends, meet new players, and show off our latest new models!

Of course, it also forces us to wonder why we live in Upstate New York (20 degrees) instead of Southern California (65 to 75 degrees and sunny every day).  Hopefully cold weather builds character.

Here are a few snapshots from Veillette @ NAMM 2013:

  The Crew at the booth...there are some guitars back there also, I promise!

  Marcus Eaton and Kitch Membery, having double the fun on the Flyer "Duet" Doubleneck!

   More Flyer Doubleneck action, with the amazing Billy Sheehan.  For a bass player, this guy sure can play guitar...

  Joe with Woodstock's own bass hero Tony Levin, and the incredible Christy Lenee.

   Our old buddy (and Veillette owner) Happy Traum, enjoying his spot in the sea of guitars.

  Joe with legendary session guitarist Tim Pierce - Tim loves his 7 Veillettes!

  Our own Kimberly Kay 'vogues' for the camera.

  Kim with iconic bassist Leland Sklar.  Nice beard, Lee!

  Kim trading fashion tips with "LA's finest" at the Dean booth.

We'll have some video from the show floor coming soon, including demos of some of our great new models!

Also, stay tuned for reviews of our latest in some great magazines...

Now, back to work - we've got a lot of guitars to make.

Ready for NAMM 2013!
January 15, 2013

The NAMM show is always great fun, and we're very exciting about the new instruments we're debuting there this year!


Here's our latest Flyer Bass, a gorgeous 34" fretless 4-string.

This piece has an amazing "upright-like" tone and vibe, and sounds beautiful both plugged and unplugged.

We're really looking forward to showing off this piece and many more at NAMM next weekend - if you'll be there, come by and visit us at Booth #5276!


More NAMM previews on the way in the coming week...stay tuned!

The New Years' 2013 Newsletter has arrived!
January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!

To celebrate, we've just posted our latest Newsletter - a wrap-up of all the new, interesting, and fun things we've been doing in the last few months.

Full of new models, new details, new dealers, and more, the Newsletter is a great preview of some of the latest models we'll be formally introducing at NAMM later this month.

Click here to read our latest Newsletter!

Happy Holidays from Veillette Guitars!
December 28, 2012

From all of us at Veillette Guitars, best wishes for a great Holiday season!

It's been a great year for us, and stay tuned for a new Newsletter very soon with a wrap-up of all we've been up to in the last half of 2012.

In the meantime, here's a lovely solo bass arrangement of a holiday classic, from our friend Kenji Takeda in Japan,

played on his custom Paris 5-string fretless:


(We love that little tree in the background!)


Many thanks to Kenji Takeda for a beautiful video - and Happy New Year!

Introducing the Flyer Bass!
December 13, 2012

It's always big news when a new bass emerges from our shop...after all, AndE, Martin, and Tim are all bass players!

Now, after months of inquiries and customer requests, we've completed the first two Flyer Basses...and they are really special.  We're thrilled with the results, and already working on the next ones.

Inspired by the same design goals as our Flyer guitars, the Flyer Bass seeks to strike a new balance between the acoustic and electric worlds, in a comfortable and practical instrument that appeals to both.

Plugged-in, the Flyer has a tremendous, full-range amplified tone that rivals the best acoustic basses — responsive, sensitive, and natural-sounding, with an incredibly authentic "acoustic" personality. Unplugged, the Flyer Bass is great for practice or intimate settings.

Most striking about the Flyer's tonal personality is the clean and well-defined attack.  Notes start quickly and precisely, and remain clear and distinct even when played fast. Compared to the "spongy" and "slow" feel and response common to many acoustic basses, the Flyer has speed and punch.

With its 14" body width and full 34" scale, the Flyer Bass feels familiar and approachable.  And, at just under 5 lbs., this is an incredibly comfy bass...about half the weight of many solidbodies!

We've already filmed a couple of videos - stay tuned for more!