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Get the first look at the latest new instruments, works-in-progress, artist updates, and other Veillette news!

Major website update!
September 25, 2012

If you're reading this, then you've probably already noticed "our new look" here at

We think it looks a lot better - but it's much more than just a facelift.  We've put a lot of energy into making our site more user-friendly, intuitive, and functional.

Here's a quick tour of the highlights:

-Our Models pages have been expanded and updated with all the latest specs and lots of new pictures.

-The Flyer series now has its own set of pages, descriptions, and videos, and is quickly becoming its own family of instruments.

-The Articles and Videos pages have been updated with the newest content.

-The About Us page is newly revised with fresh bios about all of us here at Veillette.

There is still more to come - we are already busy on the next round of updates, and really excited about what's coming next!

Some very special Specials...
August 14, 2012

It's hard to believe it's been almost a month since our last update!

It's been a busy Summer, and we've been just trying to keep up with all the new and exciting things we're working on.

Keep your eyes on this page for several new shapes and models in the coming months, including some pretty exotic beasts...

We've just uploaded four gorgeous instruments onto our "Specials" page

A couple of them are newer and cleaner than our usual "Specials" - they are prototypes for recent design developments, and both are practically as-new.

It's pretty rare to get instruments this clean (and this nice) with no lead time, and even rarer to find them at these "Special" prices!


Give a call or send an email to find out more about these great deals!  They won't last long...

New Dealer - Paramount Guitars!
July 10, 2012

We're very happy to announce our latest dealer - Paramount Guitars in Watertown, WI.



Kenn Fox at Paramount has a great inventory of beautiful handmade instruments, and we're very happy to be working with him!

His first Veillette in stock is a gorgeous Gryphon 12 cutaway in our ever-popular Deep Red color.  A Terz 12 is on the way very soon also.  Stop by, drop an email or phone call, and stay tuned to for the new Veillettes!

Kaki King and Veillette in studio...
May 30, 2012

Our good friend Kaki King is right here in Woodstock recording her new album!  How exciting...

Kaki has been touring with her two Gryphons and writing a lot of material, so we're really looking forward to hearing this latest recording.  Of course, since she's in town, it was natural that she would stop by and see what other cool guitars we have for her to use...

Here's Kaki with a Grand 16" Baritone 6.  On stands, you can see her custom Gryphon and a brand-new Terz 12-string.  Nobody plays quite like Kaki, and we're sure that she will bring textures and tones out of these guitars that we never knew were in there!

See, hear, and follow Kaki at her website:

The Merlin!
April 27, 2012

Introducing our latest new development: the Merlin!

Veillette Merlin Cherry Burst


Anyone who watches this page will know that we are constantly developing new models and expanding our line of unique & useful guitar concepts.

Our newest (and arguably cutest) model yet takes our classic Gryphon concept a step further, with a smaller 10.75 body width and a full-octave-up tuning.

Though it's our new smallest instrument, the Merlin has a great big personality.  Inspired by one our clients who asked for a “mandolin killer”, the s unison-tuned courses deliver a very convincing mandolin flavor, with greater range and easy, familiar guitar tuning – none of that “pesky” transposing!

The 16.3” scale neck is tuned a perfect octave above standard tuning, meaning that all chord shapes and note locations are identical to a standard-tuned guitar.  This makes the Merlin an amazing and effortless tool for doubling or accompaniment.  The Merlin is more than just a color instrument, though – it’s an inspiration machine, bringing out new concepts and techniques from everyone that picks it up.

The downsized body gives the Merlin a very unique voice and tonal contour – more strident and brilliant than its larger Gryphon cousin, with a more powerful midrange that cuts through a dense mix, and interwoven with shades of charango and even autoharp textures.  The scale length and body size are perfectly matched to the tuning, unifying into a sweet, shimmering and responsive instrument that will inspire any guitarist to think and play differently.

Here's our good buddy John Sebastian givng the Merlin a little fingerstyle workout:


Small is beautiful!

Today's happy customer
April 9, 2012

Most of our guitars get shipped to their new happy homes...

But sometimes, somebody comes by the shop in person to visit and take home their new we got a visit from Artie Foster, who took home a beautiful natural-finish Flyer 6-string:

Gotta love the license plates.  (The E-class Benz ain't too shabby either!)