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Beautiful Ebony in stock!
August 16, 2013

One of the real pleasures of custom building is the opportunity to use an incredible variety of beautiful woods.

Each one has its own personality, tone, and 'vibe', and they all have something really great to say.


We just received a small supply of really lovely Ebony back/side sets, with a striking mix of black and brown streaks that will yield a very dramatic back.

This wood is fully dried and very stable, with a glassy and brilliant tap tone that should contribute sparkle and clarity, along with a solid and well-defined fundamental.

We've used ebony like this before and have always been very pleased with the results!

Veillette Macassar Ebony backs

These sets are a little on the small side, so they are only available for Merlin, Gryphon, or Flyer instruments.

If you've been waiting for that special set of wood to set your Veillette apart, now is your chance - we don't expect this to last long,

and we might not see more of it anytime soon.


Keep your eyes on this page for some more wood features in upcoming weeks - we've got some nice stuff hidden away that we're starting to offer for new builds...


Email for more info...