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Some words from a recent client...
October 7, 2013

Just last week, we shipped out this particularly beautiful Grand 16" Baritone 12-string,

commissioned in our classic combination of Sitka/Mahogany with a cutaway and our "moon" soundholes.

For a little extra touch of flair (and some weight savings), it also had the slotted headpiece option.


We just heard from Rick, the guitar's new owner, and he had this to say:


Hi Joe,

Guitar arrived yesterday, Friday.  I am floored, this is beautiful. Looks beautiful as well, could be a sculpture.

I am going to have a serious relationship with this guitar, it's inspiring.  It has a fullness I was looking for.  First E chord, piano came to mind.

With this gauge of strings I am impressed with the finger-ability. Wouldn't change a thing.Only drawback so far is I was up into the wee hours of the morning playing it. That's a good problem.  This is a gift.

Can't leave the guitar alone. Each time I handle it/ hear it I am thrilled.
Maybe the best decision I've made for a guitar and thrilled to have had Joe build it.


Thanks, Rick!  We all loved the guitar also, and can't wait to hear what you do with it!