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At Veillette Custom Luthiery in Woodstock, New York, we build unique instruments by hand, often collaborating with customers to explore new directions.
It's a true guitar atelier.
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Veillette Bass Guitar Models

With innovative and inspiring designs, the highest quality materials and components, and a model to suit every possible situation, the Veillette line of basses embodies the myriad and evolving needs of the modern electric bassist. Veillette basses are conceived and built to answer any possible musical question.

Whether emulating the dark, deep tones of an old upright bass, cutting through the mix with a modern electric fretless tone, or exploring new textures that defy classification, Veillette basses are the ideal musical partner for any bassist whose needs are not satisfied by conventional bass designs.

Built with many of the features that have become Veillette signatures, our basses' elegant design and tough, road-worthy construction make them ideal for the touring player or studio musician. In place of commercially available metal hardware, our carefully designed and refined wooden bridges and tailpieces set a high standard for functionality and subtle, classy visual appeal.

With models and options to suit almost any taste, the Veillette line of basses is the natural next step in the progression of the bass guitar, blending and incorporating the best elements of classic electric and acoustic designs.

Paris Electric-Acoustic
Chambered, piezo pickup, wood bridge & tailpiece
Archtop Semi-hollow Electric
Wood bridge & tailpiece
Minotaur Nylon-string Electric-Acoustic
Short-scale, piezo
Singlecut Bass
Dual pickup bass active or passive
Acoustic Bass
Flyer Bass

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