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Our tone secret revealed...
March 6, 2009

Finally, the truth comes out:

This innovative treatment gives our guitars that special 'vibe' that sets them apart.

(This is not posed - this cat can relax anywhere.)

Coming soon to Atlanta Bass Gallery....
February 24, 2009

This killer Paris 5MP (magnetic + piezo) is headed down to Atlanta Bass Gallery this week.

The walnut top on this bass comes from a plank that Joe bought in 1974, and we just started cutting up last year. (There's was a nice big plank!)

Jim at Atlanta is a great guy and has a fantastic shop. Hopefully, it will get a little more fantastic in a week or so when this bass shows up on the wall! Stop by and visit him, in person or online at


One guitar, two necks...
February 16, 2009

...two switches, 2 piezos, 3 knobs, 4 magnetic pickups, 18 strings, and a lot of wires going on inside.

This is the pre-finish test run of Joe's doubleneck, and it seems really, really cool, and lighter than some 6-strings.

The controls and switching are simple but very powerful, with some really cool features that we'll describe more fully when the guitar makes its official debut!

February 6, 2009

Stay tuned for more...


What really happened at the NAMM show...
February 6, 2009

...just a quick snapshot of a 'power networking' meeting with Joe, his 'spousal equivalent' Kim, and some real industry big-shots.

Jaws II - Return of the "Shark"!
February 3, 2009

Behold, the "Shark" guitar, also known as the Mk-I - the very first non-acoustic model produced under the Veillette name, back in 1990 when Joe was still partners with Stuart Spector.

This model brought us customers including Steve Miller, Kaki King, and producer extraordinaire Rob Cavallo. The black guitar pictured above was Joe's personal gigging guitar for years, and it still sounds as good as ever.

These were made in standard and baritone versions, loaded with EMG pickups and piezo saddles, yielding a very flexible and all-purpose guitar. The contours and shapes are very comfortable and familiar-feeling, and definitely stand out on stage with a little something extra.

And now the fun part:

We've come across a stash of Shark bodies, including the killer lacewood-topped Bari shown above (and many more with beautiful flame and quilt tops as well).

These bodies are in great shape, and in many cases are almost ready for finish.

There are a couple of necks also, and all the templates we need to make new ones.

SO - we're happy to say that we will be making these guitars available on a per-piece basis. To start things off, the lacewood baritone will be on our Specials page very soon. After that, who knows?

Of course, if you are interested in a custom guitar in this shape, feel free to call or email - we can do it! Many of the bodies are "blank" and could accommodate any combination of pickups and hardware. All color and finish options are wide open as well.

We're looking forward to seeing these come together! Just another interesting day around the shop.

(Now I wonder what's in those boxes over there....??)