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NAMM '09 Report...
January 26, 2009

We're back from NAMM, and rested up a bit!

It was a great show, and we have a lot of exciting news to bring home.

-We'll be seeing some new reviews of Veillette guitars and basses in the coming months.

-A few more great high-end acoustic dealers have come on board and will be getting their first Veillettes soon.

-The new models are getting great reactions from players and dealers.

The warm weather was nice too, and it's always good to see old friends and make new ones.

Here's a peek at the gorgeous "showgirls" this year:


A special "In-house" Custom Paris 4
January 19, 2009

Here's a fun bass with a lot going on:

This 4-string Paris was custom-made for AndE, our production manager and chief woodworker. As is often true of our personal guitars, this one has a lot of special features.

Like what?

-35" scale ebony fingerboard with pearl dots -Aguilar 3-band EQ with switchable mid frequencies (on a push/pull mid pot) -Active/passive switch (on a push/pull volume knob) -Built-in tuner (on a push/pull Treble pot) -LED tuner display inside the soundhole! -5A English Sycamore top -Matching headpiece

This bass kills, especially for slap, which is AndE's specialty. The 35" scale gives the low E some real kick.

Just another example of how many special options (really - 3 push/pull pots, a tuner, etc. etc.) can be snuck into a clean-looking and classy bass.


The Studio 15"!
January 9, 2009

As promised in our Newsletter - here it is, the Studio 15"!

This Standard-tuned 12 is a return to the first few guitars built in this design - Joe's personal 12-string, and a couple of others. This shape was then scaled up and down to make the Baritone and Gryphon models.

A 'happy medium' between the power of full "D"-size guitars and the balance and clarity of smaller body styles, the Studio 15" has exceptional presence and definition across the whole range - the octaves sing out sweetly and brilliantly, and the low fundamentals retain the punch and projection that's often missing from small instruments.

As a 12-string (like this one), these guitars strike the perfect balance between the wide, ambient 'wash' of classic 12-strings and a clear, focused response that reacts to quick transients and fingerstyle playing.

Finally, the 24.1" scale makes this guitar easier to play than almost any other 12-string out there, even with "real" strings (not ultra-lights).

Enjoy - this is going to be one of our featured pieces at NAMM next week.

NAMM preview: The Alpha "P" guitars!
January 5, 2009

Debuting next week at NAMM, and now for the first time here online:

The Alpha line of guitars is now available with "M" (magnetic) and "P" (piezo) electronics packages.

The Alphas are our most affordable instruments, and deliver lots of high-end features and handmade quality in a very attractive price range.

The Alpha "P" guitars feature the same wooden bridge and D-Tar pickup/preamp as our Journeyman and Acoustic lines. These are anchored by a stop tailpiece into the solid mahogany body.

Still handmade in the same shop by the same people as all Veillettes - and now, available in both acoustic and electric tonalities.

Happy Holidays, and a first look at the Jazz Nylon!
December 26, 2008

We at Veillette Guitars hope that everyone had a great holiday!

We'd like to thank everyone for checking out our Newsletter. There's been a lot of great response already, and we're really gratified to learn that people are as excited by the new guitars as we are.

The 'Specials' page has also been a big hit, and some of the guitars are already finding new homes. The list of available instruments will be changing pretty quickly, so stay tuned, and don't wait too long if you've got your eye on something!

In other news...

Slated to debut at Winter NAMM in January, this is our latest addition to our line of Jazz guitars - the Jazz Nylon!

Based on the same outside shape as our Jazz 14" guitar, this combines the adjustable-height nylon bridge with the extensive chambering and "full-size" feel of its steel-string counterpart.

The Jazz Nylon also sports a radiused' top, which gives it a clean, modern look and a comfortably curved front surface.

Lightweight and responsive, this guitar is ideal for jazz, bossa nova, latin, or any other style that calls for beautiful, acoustic-like nylon-string tone in a feedback-proof and sleek instrument.

We are really happy with this guitar!

The December Newsletter!
December 19, 2008

There's so much new here at Veillette Guitars, that this "Shop News" page couldn't begin to cover it all.

Instead, we've come up with a whole new page, full of pictures and descriptions of all the new and fun things we've been designing, building, and planning in the last few months.

Check it out at: /newsletter/home.shtml

Amidst the other news in the Newsletter, there's a preview of our new Acoustic sizes, the 14" Parlor and 15" Studio guitars. These will be debuting at the NAMM show this January, and will be showing up here on the site at the beginning of 2009.

Until then, here's a sneak peek at the range of sizes we are now offering, in their template form. Along with them are some very pretty backs in progress, in Pau Ferro, Indian Rosewood, and the classic Mahogany.

Stay tuned, and check out the Newsletter for more!