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Veillette Flyer Electric-Acoustic Guitars

Defining a new middle ground between Acoustic tone and Electric comfort and size, the Flyer series was designed to be a new solution to the challenges of gigging, traveling, or performing with a standard acoustic guitar.

The Flyer's construction is as unique as it is functional — extra thick sides are bent from solid maple, resulting in an incredibly rigid and stable rim assembly that robs no vibrational energy from the top, and makes the Flyer well able to withstand air travel and the rigors of road travel. The compact size will also fit in most overhead airplane compartments.

One of its most distinctive features, the Flyer's curved or "radiused" top arcs across the width of the guitar. This unique geometry adds strength and stability, and also invites the right arm to lie comfortably across a soft, sloping surface — instead of the usual hard 90-degree corner.

Traditional bracing techniques and acoustic concepts, combined with sleek, modern materials, design and portability, make the Flyer a legitimately new breed of guitar — inviting, inspiring, and innovative.

Available in steel-string and nylon-string configurations (Flyer bass coming soon!)

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Flyer Steel-string

Flyer Elan

Flyer Nylon-string

Flyer Bass

Flyer Doubleneck

Colors, Woods, and Options.

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