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Flyer "Duet" Doubleneck

Our never ending quest for new ideas leads us down many different roads. The Flyer Duet is the meeting place where several of these roads intersect — and (with a nod to the Flyer's ladder-braced Stella ancestors) — magic happens at these crossroads.

Like our electric Doublenecks, the Flyer Duet astounds with its amazing light weight — 6.2 lbs.! Built with an architectural eye towards minimalism and simplicity, along with careful choice of materials and components, the Flyer Duet has no "baggage", and nothing unnecessary.

The "Stealth" open-face headpieces, ultra-lightweight Gotoh tuners, and Titanium truss rods are all chosen for maximum performance with minimal weight. As a result, the strap balance of this guitar is as good or better than many single-neck acoustics — hard to believe until you pick it up!

The radiused, ladder-braced top carries on the tradition of our Flyer single-neck guitars, with much more volume and projection than one expects from a small guitar. Both the 6-string and 12-string necks exhibit the same unique voice as the original Flyer — complex, quirky, and well-defined, with a beautifully "vocal" midrange contour.

Independent bridges and pickups feed together into a single preamp with discreetly hidden Volume and Tone controls. The plugged-in tone is ethereal and multi-dimensional — the two necks resonate and sympathize with each other in fascinating and unpredictable ways, lending a natural dimension and depth to even the simplest rhythm playing.

A single oval soundhole, custom wooden tailpieces, and single-layer black binding complete the visual statement — simple, elegant, and modern.

Despite its' unusual design elements and unique character, the Flyer Duet is in not a "niche" instrument or a curiosity. With its uncommon comfort and light weight, outstanding playability, and engaging musical personality, this is a truly useful and intriguing instrument.

Colors, Woods, and Options.

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