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The Merlin!
April 27, 2012

Introducing our latest new development: the Merlin!

Veillette Merlin Cherry Burst


Anyone who watches this page will know that we are constantly developing new models and expanding our line of unique & useful guitar concepts.

Our newest (and arguably cutest) model yet takes our classic Gryphon concept a step further, with a smaller 10.75 body width and a full-octave-up tuning.

Though it's our new smallest instrument, the Merlin has a great big personality.  Inspired by one our clients who asked for a “mandolin killer”, the s unison-tuned courses deliver a very convincing mandolin flavor, with greater range and easy, familiar guitar tuning – none of that “pesky” transposing!

The 16.3” scale neck is tuned a perfect octave above standard tuning, meaning that all chord shapes and note locations are identical to a standard-tuned guitar.  This makes the Merlin an amazing and effortless tool for doubling or accompaniment.  The Merlin is more than just a color instrument, though – it’s an inspiration machine, bringing out new concepts and techniques from everyone that picks it up.

The downsized body gives the Merlin a very unique voice and tonal contour – more strident and brilliant than its larger Gryphon cousin, with a more powerful midrange that cuts through a dense mix, and interwoven with shades of charango and even autoharp textures.  The scale length and body size are perfectly matched to the tuning, unifying into a sweet, shimmering and responsive instrument that will inspire any guitarist to think and play differently.

Here's our good buddy John Sebastian givng the Merlin a little fingerstyle workout:


Small is beautiful!