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Big News - Veillette Strings are here!
October 28, 2011

This has been a long time coming, and we're very excited to announce that they're finally a reality...

The first Veillette strings are here!

Carefully designed for optimum tension, feel, and tone, these strings are gauged to work ideally with the scale lengths on Veillette instruments, from the longest Baritone scales to Terz tunings and the ever-popular high-tuned Gryphon 6- and 12-string guitars.  Years of testing and development guarantee the best possible playability, intonation, balanced output level, and winding lengths.

Phosphor bronze and nickel-wound sets are available for acoustic and electric instruments.  Prices start at $9 for 6-string sets and $16 for 12-string, including shipping.

This is big news for us...our guitars have always depended on special strings to bring their custom tuning ranges and scale lengths to life.  We've always tried to support our customers by providing strings for our "oddball" and specialized-tuning instruments.  Now, we've made it official!

Now available are Gryphon 12-string and Terz 6- and 12-string Acoustic and Electric sets.

We will be ramping up to the full line of Baritone 6 and 12, Baritone Nylon and Bass strings in the near future.

Call or email and get your hands on some!