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Happy Holidays, and a first look at the Jazz Nylon!
December 26, 2008

We at Veillette Guitars hope that everyone had a great holiday!

We'd like to thank everyone for checking out our Newsletter. There's been a lot of great response already, and we're really gratified to learn that people are as excited by the new guitars as we are.

The 'Specials' page has also been a big hit, and some of the guitars are already finding new homes. The list of available instruments will be changing pretty quickly, so stay tuned, and don't wait too long if you've got your eye on something!

In other news...

Slated to debut at Winter NAMM in January, this is our latest addition to our line of Jazz guitars - the Jazz Nylon!

Based on the same outside shape as our Jazz 14" guitar, this combines the adjustable-height nylon bridge with the extensive chambering and "full-size" feel of its steel-string counterpart.

The Jazz Nylon also sports a radiused' top, which gives it a clean, modern look and a comfortably curved front surface.

Lightweight and responsive, this guitar is ideal for jazz, bossa nova, latin, or any other style that calls for beautiful, acoustic-like nylon-string tone in a feedback-proof and sleek instrument.

We are really happy with this guitar!