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A new Doubleneck is born...
February 21, 2013

After many months of drawing, custom work, and problem-solving, we're so glad to introduce our latest Doubleneck Acoustic!

This is our first double-standard-tuned instrument - a Standard 6 and Standard 12 together on one box. 

At 6.5 lbs., it's light, responsive, and very easy to handle.  The tone and volume of both necks is punchy, balanced, and beautiful.  Beyond that, like all our Doublenecks, there is an added dimension of interaction and sympathetic resonance between both necks, which creates an ethereal, reverb-like presence and depth.

This instrument also features a custom soundport and front arm bevel, which gives the right arm a little extra comfort where it crosses the 16" lower bout.

This is also the first doubleneck we've done with our "pinless"-style bridges, and we're very pleased with the result!

 Dual piezo pickups and a hi-fi 18v preamp perfectly translate the acoustic tone, including the intriguing interactivity between the necks.  And, for good measure, the custom red-to-tobacco burst was mixed specifically for our client.

Veillette Doubleneck 6/12 

This is a whole lot of guitar - but despite the 18 strings, it's incredibly easy to play, and very inviting - it lets you just forget you're playing a doubleneck, and just play guitar.  We're thrilled with it, and our client could not possibly be any happier!