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Acoustic Studio 15"
Standard-tuned 6 and 12-string

The Studio instruments offer the same eye-catching design, improved functionality, and careful construction that characterize our Gryphon, Terz, and other unusually-tuned guitars.

For the versatile guitarist with a broad range of techniques, the Studio series offer the perfect balance of handling and horsepower - a big-yet-balanced tone with the airy low end and power of our Grand instruments, and the dynamic range and quick attack of a smaller-bodied guitar.

Equally responsive when played fingerstyle or with a pick, the Studio 15" is the perfect choice for a player whose style and range demand a guitar that can react quickly to changes in touch, attack, and technique, and respond with a crisp, robust, and well-defined voice.

This design particularly shines in the Standard-tuned 12-string configuration, with brilliant high octave strings and a clear, present low range.

Available in 6 string and 12-string standard-tuned models. Also available in cutaway, non-cutaway and symmetrical oval-hole body styles

Colors, Woods, and Options.

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