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Acoustic Parlor 14"
Standard-tuned 6 and 12-string

Our smallest standard-tuned instrument, the Parlor 14" draws its inspiration from the classic "O"-style guitars favored by many fingerstyle players.

The Parlor 14" shape has a unique and useful voice - characterized by a very focused and vocal-like midrange, notes really jump from this guitar - it is very 'quick' and responsive. The bass is tight and controlled, and treble is sweet and 'steely', without any harshness or bite.

A perfect match for quick and complex fingerstyle, the Parlor's strong point is fast transient response, and an ability to remain clear and clean-sounding even through dense chords and cascading single-note runs. In the recording studio, the Parlor is perfect choice for staying clear within dense mixes, or for a classic, crisp solo sound. The smaller box is comfy and intimate to hold, and also makes the Parlor a natural choice for the player who may be uncomfortable with a typical full-size instrument.

The Parlor's 25" scale also gives it a distinctive tension, feel, and tonal response, and makes it a more comfortable reach for complicated left-hand patterns.

Available in 6 string and 12-string standard-tuned models. Also available in cutaway, non-cutaway and symmetrical oval-hole body styles

Details and Construction Features.
Colors, Woods, and Options.

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