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Acoustic Grand 16"
Baritone 6 and 12-string
The Grand 16" is the largest soundbox we build not counting our acoustic basses. It's very well suited to the Baritone 6 and 12-strings that have long been one of our specialties. The extra body depth and airspace let the lower frequencies speak clearly, and the scale lengths are optimally matched to the custom-designed string set, for flawless intonation and playability that rivals most standard-tuned guitars.

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A hallmark of almost all Veillette acoustics, the offset soundholes particularly favor Baritone guitar construction. The greater structural strength of the continuous grain between bridge and neck allows us to make the bracing lighter and less rigid, and lets the whole top be lighter and more responsive without losing strength. This is especially important for Baritone instruments, and gives them outstanding bottom-end power and clarity.

The offset soundholes also naturally reduce the chances of onstage feedback, since the air movement through the holes does not directly excite the strings.

Informed by years of experiments and refinements, our Baritone guitars are designed from the ground up to be a fully independent and equally useful counterpart to the standard-tuned guitar — every detail, from intonation and string tension, scale length, and body construction, has been fine-tuned to work in concert, producing a deeply satisfying and inviting guitar.

Available in 6-string, 7-string, and 12-string models. Also available in cutaway, non-cutaway and symmetrical oval-hole body styles

Colors, Woods, and Options.

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Or, See all our videos for this instrument on YouTube.

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