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Acoustic Gryphon
High-D 6- and 12-strings
Our most popular Acoustic model, the Gryphon has inspired and intrigued players all over the world, and been seen and heard on some of the biggest stages and best studios in the industry. Celestial, sparkling highs and punchy mid-register give the Gryphon unique cut and punch and an unusually wide range of applications. Guitarists will love being able to play mandolin-style parts in a new high register, and even mandolin players will discover new horizons, including the ability to play guitar-like or fingerstyle patterns in a mandolin tonality and range.

Listen to a Gryphon
Gryphon Demo by Vic Sabal

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The Gryphon is designed for D tuning (equivalent to the 10th fret of a standard guitar). This unique range is make possible by its short scale length (18.1") and custom strings (gauges .009" to .042").

The unison courses of the Gryphon 12 produce a rich natural chorus and depth that brings to mind mandolins, bouzoukis, quatros, and other traditional folk instruments — along with a powerful rhythm "chop".

The 6-string version delivers a clean, precise, and articulate voice ideal for fingerstyle playing, doubling a regular guitar, and sweetening any recording or performance.

Hand-carved bracing and a carefully refined design result in a tonally balanced, responsive, and truly original instrument.

Available in 12-string and 6-string models. Also available in cutaway, non-cutaway and symmetrical oval-hole body styles

Colors, Woods, and Options.

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