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Instruments In Stock

Although most of our instruments are built to custom order, we often have some in stock and available.

These instruments range from brand-new to production prototypes, demos, and the occasional pre-owned Veillette. All are freshly set up and fully guaranteed, just like our custom instruments.

Of course, these also are available immediately, without the usual 3 to 4 month build time. Please contact us if you have questions about any of these instruments.

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    Flyer Baritone 12-string No.937

this is a beautiful electric/acoustic bari 12-string that harks back to the bluesy ladder-braced sounds of old Harmony and Stella guitars like Leadbelly played. Identical to one just sold to Dean Parks. Price $3100

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    Merlin Flame Maple Acoustic

The Merlin 12 string acoustic is an inspiration machine, bringing out new concepts and techniques from everyone that picks it up.

Don't be fooled by its size! With a body measuring a mere 10 across the lower bout, our new smallest instrument has a great big personality. Described by one our clients as a "mandolin killer", the Merlin's unison-tuned courses deliver a very convincing mandolin flavor, with greater range and versatility.

The downsized body gives the Merlin a very unique voice and tonal contour more strident and brilliant than its larger Gryphon cousin, with a more powerful midrange that cuts through a dense mix, and interwoven with shades of mandolin, charango and even autoharp textures. The scale length and body size are perfectly matched to the tuning, unifying into a sweet, shimmering and responsive instrument that will inspire any guitarist to think and play differently.

- Flame maple back and sides - Honduras Mahogany neck - Sitka spruce top - Macassar ebony fingerboard, bridge, and headpiece veneer. - Ultra-light titanium truss rod - Gotoh stealth tuners - tuned E-E - Strung with unison courses Serial number 897

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    #956 Flyer 14", burst finish, brand new!

Here's a lovely example of our Flyer 14" 6-string, in a very striking burst finish. This guitar has our favorite combination of mahogany back & sides, Sitka Spruce top, and Pau Ferro fingerboard, bridge, and tailpiece.

The 25" scale and 14" body offer the perfect blend of full-size guitar feel and tone, along with stage-and-travel-friendly compactness.

With firm but controlled low end, sweet trebles, and and impressively vocal-like midrange flavor, the Flyer 14" is ideal for fingerstyle, jazz and blues, and stage situations where a balanced and controllable sound is desirable.

This guitar is brand-new and ready for a home! New retail price is $4060 on this model. This guitar is available direct for $3800, with no lead time!


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    Ebony Gryphon Acoustic

This Gryphon is both beautiful and great sounding! It has Macassar Ebony back and sides, flame Maple binding, and an African Ebony fingerboard and bridge . "The Gryphon is one of the most interesting 12-strings I've encountered. (It)... doesn't replace a standard 12-string, of course, but it definitely brings some enticing new flavors to the genre, and that's reason enough for it to receive an Editors' Pick Award." -Art Thompson, Guitar Player Magazine, May 2010

Our most popular Acoustic model, the Gryphon has inspired and intrigued players all over the world, and been seen and heard on some of the biggest stages and best studios in the industry.

The Gryphon is designed for D tuning (equivalent to the 10th fret of a standard guitar). This unique range is make possible by its short scale length (18.5") and custom strings (gauges .009" to .042").

The unison courses of the Gryphon 12 produce a rich natural chorus and depth that brings to mind mandolins, bouzoukis, quatros, and other traditional folk instruments along with a powerful rhythm "chop".

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    Journeyman Nylon - AAA flame top, gorgeous!

This is a beautiful example of our most current Journeyman Nylon design. With the glued on "tie-block" bridge and flat top, this guitar blends traditional design elements with modern features and playability.

The neck has a 20" radius fingerboard and 1 7/8" nut, which make it friendly and comfortable for the steel-string or electric guitarist, while still allowing room for expressive vibrato techniques and precise left-hand fingering.

The body is heavily chambered mahogany, and the end result is an exceptionally lightweight and lively guitar with an almost 'acoustic' feel - final weight is 5.2 lbs, comparable to many acoustic instruments!

The black-bound AAA flame top is striking under the tobacco sunburst finish, and stands out onstage with subtle class and sophistication.

Volume and Tone controls give this guitar a wide variety of plugged-in tones, and the full-range piezo system is extremely responsive to the colors and shadings of the player's touch and technique - just like a fine classical instrument.

Here's a quick clip to demonstrate this guitar:

A natural choice for stage playing, as well as jazz and bossa nova, this guitar delivers an authentic nylon-string sound and experience in a slim, rugged, and feedback-resistant package.

Available now for $3800, including Veillette gig bag.

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    Acoustic Bass 4-string #596

This lovely bass is the prototype for our Acoustic Bass model, built in June 2009.

It features our standard combination of mahogany back/sides/neck with Pau Ferro fingerboard and bridge, and a Sitka Spruce top.

The non-cutaway body maximizes internal air volume for the biggest possible acoustic response and tone, for unplugged jamming or recording with a microphone. The natural acoustic tone of this bass is full-range and clear with a strong, well-integrated attack and even tone and volume across the full range.

Plugged in, the bass has a gigantic, earthy voice that ranges from 'upright' warmth and bloom to crisp, precise, and clear, almost like a giant "D-style" guitar.

Here's a quick video clip of this bass in action:

This bass is very clean - it has been to a couple of shows as a 'demo model', but is essentially like new. Available now, without the usual 4 month wait, for $4300, including hardshell case.

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    Paris 4-string MM - like-new and gorgeous!

This Paris 4-string is visually and sonically striking - it combines the vibe of an acoustic-style bass with a full dual-magnetic electric setup, making it an intriguing hybrid of both.

The mahogany body is capped with a bound Sitka Spruce top. The wooden bridge, large body chamber and soundhole emphasize the acoustic look and flavor.

Electronically, this bass is a departure from our typical Paris model - there is no piezo, and the pair of Citron HB magnetic pickups is run through an Aguilar OBP-2 preamp. This combination is fantastic for the full range of electric fretless tones, from "Jaco"-like focus to a deep, warm bloom.

This bass was a NAMM-show demo instrument from 2012. It is immaculate condition and looks beautiful. New price for a similar instrument would be around $4500+ including the soundhole/chamber option and body binding.

Take this beauty home for $3300! #812

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    Flyer 13", "Vintage" tint, excellent condition!

This is a beautiful example of our original 13" Flyer design.

Compact and comfy, this model has an endearing and unique tonality - perky, quick, and responsive, with echoes of resonators and Macaferris. The throaty, vocal-like midrange response and crisp trebles are excellent for complex fingerstyle or quick flatpicking, with excellent string separation and note definition. A full 25" scale and 22 fret neck plays just like a full size guitar.

This Flyer is in pristine condition, in a beautiful "Vintage Natural" tint that warms up the natural blonde colors of the maple box and spruce top. The warm golden-brown Pau Ferro fingerboard, bridge, and tailpiece perfectly accent the vibe.

$3100, in practically like-new condition, including TKL hardshell case.

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    Jazz 6 Archtop

Completed in May of 2007, a one-of-a-kind 25" scale Jazz 6-string. Carved top, chambered, very rich-sounding. Trade-in from a collection, never been played out.

Serial number 414

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    #930 Journeyman Gryphon 12 - Gorgeous quilted top!

This is a lovely example of our most recent generation of solidbody 'acoustic'-electric instruments, in our ever-popular Gryphon 12 tuning.

The lightweight and resonant poplar body is capped with a lovely quilted maple top, finished in translucent red burst.

The wenge fingerboard, bridge, and tailpiece contribute an organic, acoustic-like tonal contour, faithfully amplified by the full-range piezo system and 18v active preamp.

Naturally feedback resistant, road-ready, and comfortable, this is the perfect instrument for the touring and performing guitarist looking to expand into the higher ranges and textures.

Available now, including custom-made gig bag, for $3475. #930

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