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January 19, 2011

One of the great parts of being a truly custom-ready shop:sometimes we get to build things that we never would have done otherwise, and always end up very happy and charmed with the result.

 Veillette Paris Bass Lake Placid Blue

In this case, a gorgeous Paris bass done in a classic '60s recipie: Lake Placid Blue, with natural maple headpiece and chrome hardware.

A WaveLength preamp and undersaddle pickup give this bass the full and thick acoustic sound that has become our signature.

This bass is a personal instrument for our UK distributor, Phil Ward.

Thanks Phil - this is a great-looking piece!


We also got this great video from one of Phil's UK clients, Gareth Morgan.

He's the proud owner of an Archtop 5-string bass, and he'd love to tell you about it:

New Specials List! Great deals on some demos and older models.
January 5, 2011

We'd like to wish everyone a very happy New Year!

We're all recovered from our various gigs and celebrations, and are back at work in the shop getting new guitars ready for the big NAMM show next week!

There are a number of new models we're rolling out this year, including a very fetching new bass, and some acoustic guitars that really catch the eye (and the ear!)

Veillette Elan Archtop Jazz Guitar


In the spirit of "In With The New", we're also making room on our shelves by offering some great new deals on our Specials page.

Some of these guitars are in as-new condition, while others have been well-played and well-loved - and they're all looking for new homes.

It's a great way to get a Veillette without the build time (or price) of a new custom instrument.

Guitarists and bassists alike will find great deals - but don't wait...these often disappear quickly!




Check it out here.

Check back here for updates from NAMM, and have a great and music-filled 2011!

-Joe, Martin, AndE, and Ed

Veillette Guitars

Veillette Guitars in Fretboard Journal!
December 22, 2010

We are thrilled to be featured in the Winter 2010 issue of Fretboard Journal!

Fretboard Journal Winter 2010


For those that don't know, Fretboard Journal is one of the most beautiful, well-done, and high-end guitar magazines ever published - more like an art catalog than a magazine.

The latest issue features a full-length feature on Joe and Veillette Guitars, beautifully written by Michael Eck.






Joe Veillette - Fretboard Journal

AndE Chase

Full of details about the design philosophy, technical aspects, and shop atmosphere, this article really captured the spirit of what we're doing, and is as close as you could get to coming to visit.

Many thanks to Michael Eck, Michael Simmons, and all at Fretboard Journal who made this great article happen.  It's really an honor!

Buy Fretboard Journal magazine.

Pure Magic!
November 18, 2010

What do you get when you take a “traditional” 6-string Terz and double the courses like the Gryphon or a Mandolin? You get a 12-string Unison Terz that we’ve been calling “Terzilla” after hearing it.

Tuned A to A, (G to G optional), it’s halfway between a standard guitar and one of our very popular Gryphons. What’s amazing is how it seems to really sing, having a voice that’s very sweet and smooth, with tons of volume if you need it. It’s one of the very best instruments we’ve ever built!
22 inch scale, 13.5” wide at the lower bout.
Check out Joe’s quickie video.  It was done in a hurry before shipping, but if you listen past the less than stellar playing, you’ll hear a really amazing guitar.


Just 10 lbs....but no lightweight!
October 11, 2010

Here it is - our latest doubleneck!  These things just get more and more fun to build.




This one gets back to basics with a very simple and straightforward electronics package:

  • Master Volume
  • Pickup selector and tone control for each neck
  • Neck Blend control fades between necks or adjusting their relative volume

This setup permits a huge amount of flexibility with minimal "fuss" and very few knobs.


















This instrument also debuts our newest headpiece concept.  Using the latest and lightest tuning machines ever produced by Gotoh (the incredible "Stealth" tuners, weighing in at a mere 12 grams each!), this open-face headpiece design is essentially the lightest and most minimal thing we could design.  The results: a doubleneck that balances better than most standard guitars, super-easy tuning thanks to the rear-facing handles, and a very clean, modern, and appealing look (if we may say so ourselves!).

 Veillette Doubleneck Headpieces

A heavily chambered body and careful choice of hardware get this beautifully balanced guitar in under the 10 lb. mark - lighter than many classic electrics, and astonishingly light weight for a doubleneck!

Not just that - it balances perfectly.  Really.

Coupled with the radiused top and 'rotated' neck geometry, this is, in our modest opinion, the most playable and practical doubleneck guitar we've ever picked up.



It's official - the newest model: The E-tuned "Gryphon Sweet 16"
September 22, 2010

This latest model is the natural next "step up" (pun intended) from our ever-popular Gryphon model.


Veillette Gryphon Sweet 16 


A shorter 16.3" scale allows the Sweet 16 to tune up to E, a perfect full octave higher than a standard-tuned guitar.

This means all the chords and shapes you know and love lay out right in the same positions - making sight-reading, transcription, or simply playing along with friends as easy and simple as with any guitar - no transposing or capoing required!


The shorter scale also gives this guitar its own voice and personality - perky and responsive, with a brilliant top end and midrange cut, which complements the 'classic' D-tuned Gryphon beautifully.

Scale length gives a guitar much of its personality, and this is much more than simply a Gryphon with two frets missing.

Sonically, the new Gryphon Sweet 16 fits into its own new category. In fact, this gorgeous sunburst piece is going to its new home to live alongside a D-tuned Gryphon.


We're really excited about how these are coming out!

They're charming and really inspiring to play.