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Kaki King on tour with her new Gryphon
March 17, 2011

Here's a happy St. Patrick's Day video - a "Celtic Song" from Kaki King on her brand new Gryphon recorded this March 13th.

Introducing the Concorde Bass!
March 8, 2011

If you've looked carefully, you may have noticed a new instrument in our front-page instrument rotations...


Now, officially - we're pleased to introduce the Concorde, our newest bass!


This instrument is designed to push even further into the 'acoustic' and hollowbody territory.

A heavily chambered body with dual soundholes is complemented by our newest bridge design,

a one-piece height-adjustable wooden bridge system that looks and sounds great!


The pickup system is straightforward and effective, with a single pasive Citron humbucking pickup.

Controls are a Volume and the wonderful Stellartone rotary tone control, which offers 16 different positions

with different capacitor/resistor networks, for a very progressive and linear adjustment, an extremely wide

range of usable sounds, and totally repeatable settings thanks to the stepped "clicking" rotation.


The hollow body and passive electronics make this bass incredibly responsive to the touch and feel of the player.

Don't be fooled by the single pickup...there are a LOT of tones in this instrument!


This bass was one of the stars of our NAMM exhibit in January, and got picked up more than any other bass in our booth.

We're thrilled with it, and can't wait to make the next one!

New Newsletter, and our most custom guitar ever!
February 11, 2011

Despite all the snow and cold, we're managing to have a really nice time in here this Winter - making unusual guitars, designing new little details, and having fun all day long.

We've also just finished sanding our latest custom - probably the most labor-intensive and unusual guitar we've built yet:

Veillette Doubleneck Acoustic

This Doubleneck Acoustic has a Standard-tuned 6-string neck up top, and a Gryphon High-12 for the lower neck.


The bracing is carefully designed to let each bridge drive the top about the same way as on a single-neck instrument.


The single large central soundhole bridges underneath both necks.  A 16" lower bout width keeps the size reasonable and comfy, and our new headpiece design makes the balance as good as it can be.


The hardest part will be waiting for the finish to dry...we simply can't wait to hear this guitar.
















That's just one of the many exciting things we're up to these days.

In fact, there's a whole new Newsletter full of exciting new models and designs, pics and video from this year's NAMM show, and a whole lot more!  If you haven't seen it yet, click here or on the image below to read all about the latest and greatest:

Veillette Guitars Newsletter Trio

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

NAMM is fun!
January 24, 2011

OK, OK...we really go out to Anaheim every January to do business, meet with our dealers, and other serious business stuff.

The 70-degree weather, sunshine, and great Mexican food have nothing to do with it....really.

Here we are having a "very important meeting" with our good friend Colin Hay and his new Baritone 12-string:



But every now and then, something happens at the booth that even we weren't expecting:



The fellow in the chair (lower neck) is our long-time friend and customer Marcus Eaton.

He's a wonderful songwriter and fantastic guitarist - check out his music and touring schedule at:

The gentleman behind Marcus (upper neck) is his friend Kitch Membery.

Many thanks to Rob Mickam for the great video!

January 19, 2011

One of the great parts of being a truly custom-ready shop:sometimes we get to build things that we never would have done otherwise, and always end up very happy and charmed with the result.

 Veillette Paris Bass Lake Placid Blue

In this case, a gorgeous Paris bass done in a classic '60s recipie: Lake Placid Blue, with natural maple headpiece and chrome hardware.

A WaveLength preamp and undersaddle pickup give this bass the full and thick acoustic sound that has become our signature.

This bass is a personal instrument for our UK distributor, Phil Ward.

Thanks Phil - this is a great-looking piece!


We also got this great video from one of Phil's UK clients, Gareth Morgan.

He's the proud owner of an Archtop 5-string bass, and he'd love to tell you about it:

New Specials List! Great deals on some demos and older models.
January 5, 2011

We'd like to wish everyone a very happy New Year!

We're all recovered from our various gigs and celebrations, and are back at work in the shop getting new guitars ready for the big NAMM show next week!

There are a number of new models we're rolling out this year, including a very fetching new bass, and some acoustic guitars that really catch the eye (and the ear!)

Veillette Elan Archtop Jazz Guitar


In the spirit of "In With The New", we're also making room on our shelves by offering some great new deals on our Specials page.

Some of these guitars are in as-new condition, while others have been well-played and well-loved - and they're all looking for new homes.

It's a great way to get a Veillette without the build time (or price) of a new custom instrument.

Guitarists and bassists alike will find great deals - but don't wait...these often disappear quickly!




Check it out here.

Check back here for updates from NAMM, and have a great and music-filled 2011!

-Joe, Martin, AndE, and Ed

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