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The Veillette String store is online!
December 28, 2011

Our line of custom Veillette Strings is one of the bigger new developments for us this year, and we're very happy it's finally up to speed.

We've been getting some attention in the press about it as well!

Veillette Strings

Here are some online articles from our good friends at Guitar Player and Premier Guitar, helping us celebrate:

Guitar Player - Veillette Guitars Introduces Custom Strings

Premier Guitar - Veillette Guitars Introduces Custom Strings

However, you can do more than just read about the strings online - now, you can buy them online as well - directly from our website!

Our new secure online store is "live" and ready to accept your orders - currently, we have a number of different Gryphon, Terz, and Baritone sets in stock and available.

Check it out at:  Veillette Guitars Online Store

A Baritone 12 with ALL the trimmings - including LEFTY!
December 14, 2011

This Baritone 12-string has just about every special option we can think of.

Veillette Acoustic Baritone 12 Lefty

Built for a repeat client, this stunning guitar's most obvious feature is that it's a left-handed instrument.

Although we don't often talk about this, it's a good time to mention that left-handed instruments are no extra charge!  (It just seems fair...)

Beyond that, what other features are we looking at?

-Slotted headpiece with vintage-style tuners

-Bearclaw spruce top

-Bass-side soundport

-Arm bevel for added comfort

-Top-shelf curly maple back and sides

-Built-in tuner

It's always a fun challenge to play-test the left-handed instruments!  Once we learned to think "upside down", this guitar sounded just incredible - the depth, range, and sheer power of the Baritone 12 never fail to impress.

The new Gryphon 6-string has arrived!
November 18, 2011

Our Gryphon has perennially been one of our most popular and best-selling guitars - the incredible range, portability, and zero-learning-curve playability have charmed many, many players.

Now, after 10 years (hard to believe, but true!) of Gryphon 12-strings, we are thrilled to formally introduce the Gryphon 6!

Veillette Acoustic Gryphon 6

Along with all the sparkle and shimmer of the original Gryphon, the 6-string version has a clean, precise, and articulate voice ideal for fingerstyle playing, doubling a regular guitar, and sweetening any recording or performance.

This first one was built by request for a very successful studio guitarist who already depends on his Gryphon 12 as a "secret weapon" session instrument.  Now that we've played it, we are totally sold on the idea - this is a spectacular and very useful instrument, and definitely has its own unique voice - a natural complement to the 12-string Gryphon, and incredibly fun to play.

The Gryphon 6 is available immediately!  Give a call or email us to find out more...

The Acoustic Bass - now available with Cutaway...
November 4, 2011

By popular demand, the bass big brother of the Veillette Acoustic line is now available with a cutaway!


Veillette Acoustic Bass Cutaway

The modern good looks of our body shape flow perfectly into the treble-side cutaway, providing easier reach for upper-register passages, fills, and solo playing, and effortless access to the beautifully balanced high range of the bass.  

Available as a 4-string and a 5-string, the Veillette Cutaway Acoustic Bass offers the discriminating player a truly expressive, responsive, and versatile musical tool.   We're really happy with this one!


Big News - Veillette Strings are here!
October 28, 2011

This has been a long time coming, and we're very excited to announce that they're finally a reality...

The first Veillette strings are here!

Carefully designed for optimum tension, feel, and tone, these strings are gauged to work ideally with the scale lengths on Veillette instruments, from the longest Baritone scales to Terz tunings and the ever-popular high-tuned Gryphon 6- and 12-string guitars.  Years of testing and development guarantee the best possible playability, intonation, balanced output level, and winding lengths.

Phosphor bronze and nickel-wound sets are available for acoustic and electric instruments.  Prices start at $9 for 6-string sets and $16 for 12-string, including shipping.

This is big news for us...our guitars have always depended on special strings to bring their custom tuning ranges and scale lengths to life.  We've always tried to support our customers by providing strings for our "oddball" and specialized-tuning instruments.  Now, we've made it official!

Now available are Gryphon 12-string and Terz 6- and 12-string Acoustic and Electric sets.

We will be ramping up to the full line of Baritone 6 and 12, Baritone Nylon and Bass strings in the near future.

Call or email and get your hands on some!

The latest Newsletter has landed...
October 7, 2011

We do our best to keep the news coming here in the "New in the Shop" blog.

However, a few times a year, we also like to compile all the exciting news and new instruments into our Veillette Newsletter.

Well...after a busy Summer of guitarmaking, the Fall 2011 Newsletter is finally here!


(Click picture to see the Newsletter)

This latest Newsletter is full of the latest and greatest news from Veillette Guitars, including:

-New models, options, and features for our Acoustics, Electrics, and Basses

-Some new, well-known names and faces for our ever-expanding customer list

-The latest addition to the Veillette team

-New dealers

-More videos than ever before....


It's a great read, with some really entertaining videos, and (of course) some gorgeous photos of beautiful guitars...what more could anyone ask for?


Of course, we're already at work on new and different concepts for the next Newsletter! 

Ever wonder about a 6-string Gryphon...???