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Introducing our newest model - the Flyer 13/13!
November 8, 2013

One of the great joys of guitarmaking is the constant evolution of the result - each change leads us in new directions,

which in turn suggest new options and possibilities.


Alongside that, we are fortunate to have open-minded and adventurous clients, who continue to push us towards intriguing new combinations,

or approach us to fill a need that just can't be accommodated by a conventional guitar.


Now, as a result of this constant experimentation and development, we are happy to announce our latest model - the Flyer 13/13!

The name refers to the body size (13 inches) and the neck-to-body joint (13th fret) - and the combination has exceeded our expectations.

With a full-scale neck, and the surprising power and volume of our Flyer series, this may be the most powerful and satisfying small guitars we've ever come across...

all the punch and 'chop' of our original Flyer models, in an astoundingly compact platform.


"Baby" size with grownup power and scale - a great combination for the perfect travel companion.

Some words from a recent client...
October 7, 2013

Just last week, we shipped out this particularly beautiful Grand 16" Baritone 12-string,

commissioned in our classic combination of Sitka/Mahogany with a cutaway and our "moon" soundholes.

For a little extra touch of flair (and some weight savings), it also had the slotted headpiece option.


We just heard from Rick, the guitar's new owner, and he had this to say:


Hi Joe,

Guitar arrived yesterday, Friday.  I am floored, this is beautiful. Looks beautiful as well, could be a sculpture.

I am going to have a serious relationship with this guitar, it's inspiring.  It has a fullness I was looking for.  First E chord, piano came to mind.

With this gauge of strings I am impressed with the finger-ability. Wouldn't change a thing.Only drawback so far is I was up into the wee hours of the morning playing it. That's a good problem.  This is a gift.

Can't leave the guitar alone. Each time I handle it/ hear it I am thrilled.
Maybe the best decision I've made for a guitar and thrilled to have had Joe build it.


Thanks, Rick!  We all loved the guitar also, and can't wait to hear what you do with it!


A very special weekend...
September 24, 2013

This last weekend was a beautiful one in Woodstock, and a very special one -

Joe and his beloved partner Kim have officially (and finally!) tied the knot!

Joe Veillette, Kimberly Kay, Michael Gurian


The ceremony was performed by Joe's longtime mentor and guitarmaking teacher, Michael Gurian.

It was a beautiful ceremony and a memorable evening, full of music, dancing, and excitement.

Joe is pictured here singing his vows, accompanying himself on a Studio 15" Standard 12-string.


Congratulations to Joe and Kim, and many thanks to all those who attended, or who have been sending their best wishes from all directions!

Beautiful Ebony in stock!
August 16, 2013

One of the real pleasures of custom building is the opportunity to use an incredible variety of beautiful woods.

Each one has its own personality, tone, and 'vibe', and they all have something really great to say.


We just received a small supply of really lovely Ebony back/side sets, with a striking mix of black and brown streaks that will yield a very dramatic back.

This wood is fully dried and very stable, with a glassy and brilliant tap tone that should contribute sparkle and clarity, along with a solid and well-defined fundamental.

We've used ebony like this before and have always been very pleased with the results!

Veillette Macassar Ebony backs

These sets are a little on the small side, so they are only available for Merlin, Gryphon, or Flyer instruments.

If you've been waiting for that special set of wood to set your Veillette apart, now is your chance - we don't expect this to last long,

and we might not see more of it anytime soon.


Keep your eyes on this page for some more wood features in upcoming weeks - we've got some nice stuff hidden away that we're starting to offer for new builds...


Email for more info...


Outbound to Healdsburg!
August 7, 2013

We're on the way out to Healdsburg for the 2013 Healdsburg Guitar Festival!

This will be our first time showing, and we're thrilled to be part of of this great event...

We'll have a number of interesting and exciting guitars to show, including...

-Merlin Octave 12-string in Myrtle

-Flyer Doubleneck 6/12

-Baritone 6 and 12

-Gryphon 12

...and several more!  If you'll be at the show (or in the area), please come by, say hello, and play some of our latest and greatest!

Flyer Basses - reviewed this month in Bass Player!
July 24, 2013

The rave reviews continue on our Flyer series of instruments!

This month's Bass Player features a pair of Flyer 4-string basses, fretted and fretless.

These basses have a unique mix of acoustic and electric personalities, and BP's Brian Fox had some really nice things to say about them...


Bass Player magazine Veillette Flyer review

 Click on the article page to read the whole review!