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The Spring 2014 Newsletter is here!
May 9, 2014

It's been over a year since our last Newsletter - and we've got a lot of things to report!

New models, new details, new players and the big, exciting Avante project - it's all there, with plenty of photos and videos to tell the whole story!


Click Here to read the Spring 2014 Newsletter!

Premier Guitar features Veillette Guitars!
April 24, 2014


We're excited to be the featured shop in the upcoming issue of Premier Guitar magazine!

Premier Guitar is known for having some of the best-written and most diverse content of almost any guitar magazine, and we are proud to the the focus of such an in-depth article - it covers everything from Joe's early history building acoustics, right up through to the current Avante project.  It really captures the vibe of who we are and what we do.  Thanks so much to Thomas Scott McKenzie and everyone at Premier Guitar for such a great piece, and to Mike Bloom for the killer photography!

Read the entire article here.

A very cool custom Flyer with a jazz vibe...
April 2, 2014

Here's a cool new piece that just came off the bench, and we're really pleased with how it came out!

Veillette Jazz Flyer

This is a custom Flyer 13" with a distinctly "jazzy" personality -

Custom features include:

-Dual soundholes

-Dimarzio PAF magnetic pickup

-Tune-o-matic height-adjustable bridge (with interchangeable wooden upper bridge for a more acoustic-like tone).


The client specified an instrument with good feedback resistance and sustain, so we designed a thicker-than-usual top and some special bracing.

The result is a perky, responsive, and authentic "jazz box" tone in an extremely comfy and portable package, with none of the clunkiness, fragility or feedback of a typical "L"-style guitar.

Most amazing of all, this instrument fits in our "baby"-sized Gryphon case, making it the largest-seeming small guitar we've ever come across!


Videos coming in a few days of this super-cool axe!

Joe in Premier Guitar!
March 13, 2014

One of our favorite guitar magazines, Premier Guitar, has a great article this month on the "tragically underused" baritone guitar.

We couldn't agree more - baritones have always been among our favorite 'specialty' instruments.

Joe in the shop                                              Kaki King and her Veillette electric baritone

What's more, the nice folks at Premier Guitar have included a special feature on our very own Joe Veillette, and his long history with baritone instruments, going back to the original long-scale instruments he built for John Sebastian back at Veillette-Citron.

Thanks to Premier Guitar for the special attention, and for rallying around the baritone guitar concept - if you've never played a baritone yourself, go out and try one sometime!  They're an awful lot of fun, and you might discover a vocal range you never knew about!

A beautiful film co-starring a Gryphon...
February 14, 2014

Here's a beautifully filmed short film of the incomparable Kaki King, rehearsing with progressive string quartet ETHEL in NYC this January. The music is "Great Round Burn", from her most recent album.


Kaki King & ETHEL - Great Round Burn from Moving Box Studios on Vimeo.


Kaki is playing her custom Gryphon 12 in Deep Red finish, which goes with her whenever she's on the road.


Introducing Avante by Veillette...(This is big news!!!)
January 20, 2014

It's nearly NAMM time, so we've decided to officially let the big cat out of the bag...

After months of planning, development, and prototyping, we are very excited to introduce Avante by Veillette, a new line of production instruments that offers our signature tone and design in a more affordable package!

The original Veillette Gryphon has been our best-selling instrument for close to a decade, and has brought many, many wonderful players and performers into the Veillette family.  It never fails to charm, inspire, and excite.

The new Avante Gryphon delivers the same exciting personality: mandolin-like punch, with shimmering, naturally chorused top end character.  Intriguing textures and tones, with no learning curve, make it an immediately useful tool for any guitarist.

This doesn't just look like a Veillette Gryphon - it really performs like one.  We took care to make sure all the important features were done right, from the bracing, frets, and neck shape to the control locations and pickup type.  We are thrilled with the results!  These are serious guitars - professional quality, priced for the working musician.

Handcrafted under exclusive license, and to our exacting standards, Avante by Veillette instruments feature solid spruce tops, solid mahogany backs, sides, and necks, solid rosewood fingerboards and bridges, and real bone nuts and saddles.  Equipped with a piezo transducer and active preamp, the Avante instruments are equally at home on stage, in the studio, or in the most intimate acoustic setting.  They also make ideal companions for travel, with an overhead-friendly small case and road-tested ruggedness.

Contact your local Veillette dealer for more info. on pricing and availability!