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Acoustic Guitar raves about the Flyer 14...
June 18, 2013

Our Flyer guitars have been catching eyes and turning heads everywhere they go.

The latest This month's Acoustic Guitar magazine features a great review of our Flyer 14, very nicely written by Adam Levy.

Here are some highlights:

"I can't think of another acoustic guitar that I've found so easy to cradle...every note in the chords spoke sweetly and articulately...I could elicit honeyed warbles or hellhound growls from the Flyer by varying my touch and technique...a forward-thinking design, solidly executed."


a forward-thinking design, solidly executeda
can’t think of another acoustic guitar that I’ve found so easy to cradle - See more at:
can’t think of another acoustic guitar that I’ve found so easy to cradle. - See more at:
can’t think of another acoustic guitar that I’ve found so easy to cradle. - See more at:
can’t think of another acoustic guitar that I’ve found so easy to cradle. - See more at:
can’t think of another acoustic guitar that I’ve found so easy to cradle. - See more at:
can’t think of another acoustic guitar that I’ve found so easy to cradle. - See more at:

Needless to say, we're thrilled with the review - many thanks to Adam, Teja, Scott, and the whole gang at Acoustic Guitar!

Read the whole review here:

A truly magical Merlin...
May 8, 2013

When this guitar was done with assembly and setup, we all took a minute to stop and admire it.  It's really a uniquely beautiful instrument.

This is a Merlin 12 with a whole lot of extra goodness -


-Bearclaw top with a vivid transparent blue stain

-Intensely multicolored and figured Maccassar Ebony back, sides, fingerboard, bridge, and headpiece

-Curly maple binding with arm and waist bevels

-Side soundport

-Ultra-light Gotoh "Stealth" tuners


Weighing in at 2 lbs 15 ounces, this guitar responds to the slightest touch - and can also take the heaviest strumming without giving up.

From mandolin "chop" to delicate fingerstyle sparkle, it retains a refined and powerful voice.


We'll be very sad to see this one go!  It's got loads of personality and some of the most gorgeous ebony we've ever seen.

Kaki King and Veillette in Acoustic Guitar magazine!
April 17, 2013

The endlessly creative Kaki King is back on the cover of Acoustic Guitar to celebrate her new album, Glow!

That alone would be exciting enough, but we were extra-thrilled to see this when we opened up the article:

Kaki King with Veillette Gryphon
















Glow was actually recorded right here in Woodstock, just moments away from our shop.

Kaki used her trusty Gryphon 12 (with custom pinless bridge) on several of the tunes.  Here's what she has to say about it:

AG: Are your songs intimately connected to the instruments on which you write them?

KK:"....of course, the tiny 12-string, the Veillette Gryphon that I have, those songs couldn't exist on anything else."

AG: The Gryphon has such an incredible, sparkly sound on the new song "King Pizel".  How is that instrument tuned?

KK:  Well, I'm in DADGAD but an octave above a normal six-string.  On certain songs I have eight notes going, because I tune one string (in a pair) to one note and the other to something else.  That instrument allows me to do that.  I've tried it on a couple of normal 12-strings with mixed results.


Many thanks to Kaki for the kind words and for the inspiring music!  Here's a live video of "King Pizel" featuring her Gryphon...enjoy!


Veillette Open House - March 23 and 24!
March 13, 2013

Spring is in the air here in Woodstock, and we're ready for it!

To celebrate, we're hosting an Open House / Open Shop at Veillette Guitars. We'll have a number of beautiful instruments on display, including a couple of our newest Flyer basses, which have us really excited.
Light refreshments will be available, and we'll be around to give an inside look at how we build the guitars.
The open house will be Saturday and Sunday, March 23 & 24, from 11AM to 5PM each day.


Our address:

Veillette Guitars
2628 Route 212
Woodstock, NY


Click here for a map

Come join us - play some guitars and basses, tour the shop, and have a fun time!

The next generation Journeyman Nylon is here!
March 1, 2013

Journeyman Nylon-string — the next generation

Our electric nylon-string has been one of our best-sellers over the years — the combination of truly realistic acoustic-style tone and responsiveness, mixed with a rugged, compact, and feedback-proof design, has made it a longtime favorite for many of our customers.

Now, as a result of feedback and conversations with players and dealers, happy to introduce the next generation of our Journeyman Nylon-string guitar!

This latest version of the Journeyman Nylon features a traditional, glued-on bridge. With the same low profile as a traditional acoustic bridge, this new bridge gives this electric nylon a more traditional feel, with a string-to-top distance very similar to an acoustic. Since it's glued-on, the new bridge also reduces microphonics and piezo "thump", making it ideal for players with more energetic right-hand technique.

A heavily chambered body and high-tech titanium truss rod let this guitar weigh in at an amazing, acoustic-like 4.8 lbs.!

Our new tilt-neck adjuster maintains the user-adjustable action feature from our previous Swift model.

The Journeyman Electric Nylon is also now available with a 1 7/8" nut width and radiusedfingerboard as standard options, for a slick and comfortable profile that will appeal to the crossover electric player. (The classical-width, flat fingerboard neck is still available also.)

CR Guitars is taking delivery of a gorgeous Journeyman Nylon this weekend - give Craig a call or check out their website at


A new Doubleneck is born...
February 21, 2013

After many months of drawing, custom work, and problem-solving, we're so glad to introduce our latest Doubleneck Acoustic!

This is our first double-standard-tuned instrument - a Standard 6 and Standard 12 together on one box. 

At 6.5 lbs., it's light, responsive, and very easy to handle.  The tone and volume of both necks is punchy, balanced, and beautiful.  Beyond that, like all our Doublenecks, there is an added dimension of interaction and sympathetic resonance between both necks, which creates an ethereal, reverb-like presence and depth.

This instrument also features a custom soundport and front arm bevel, which gives the right arm a little extra comfort where it crosses the 16" lower bout.

This is also the first doubleneck we've done with our "pinless"-style bridges, and we're very pleased with the result!

 Dual piezo pickups and a hi-fi 18v preamp perfectly translate the acoustic tone, including the intriguing interactivity between the necks.  And, for good measure, the custom red-to-tobacco burst was mixed specifically for our client.

Veillette Doubleneck 6/12 

This is a whole lot of guitar - but despite the 18 strings, it's incredibly easy to play, and very inviting - it lets you just forget you're playing a doubleneck, and just play guitar.  We're thrilled with it, and our client could not possibly be any happier!