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Hawaii to New York to Hawaii
August 27, 2009

That's where this beautiful Koa top wood has traveled in a few months. It's our first Paris bass with a Koa top and it will be winging it's way to our customer in a few days.


Back in action!
August 11, 2009

OK - that's a terrible pun. Sorry - it's late!

For your viewing pleasure, this is the flamed myrtle back of the latest gorgeous Gryphon, currently en route to Terra Guitars. As if that wasn't enough, this piece also features Madagascar Rosewood binding, fingerboard, bridge, and headplate.

Not bad, eh?

We're also glad to announce that we will soon have our first instrument in stock at Bass Connection in the Netherlands - thanks Edwin!

Finally, we have a couple of new pieces on the Specials page. Those are often gone pretty quick, so call us soon if they look right for you!

It's been a long wait...
July 28, 2009

We've been quiet here for a couple of weeks, keeping very busy making instruments.

So, to compensate, we present...well, it's more than one guitar, for sure.

This is the second doubleneck 6/12, and the first to be fully completed and get past the 'prototype' stage.

There is a whole lot going on inside this guitar! Each neck has:
a pair of Fralin Split-Blade pickups
a piezo bridge
its own preamp
its own set of Volume, Blend, Pickup Selector, and Tone controls

As if that's not enough, there is also a built-in TriColor tuner with a fiber optic display, hidden in the 12-string bridge adjuster.

Weighing in at 9.8 lbs, this is the lightest and best-balanced doubleneck any of us has ever laid hands on. It also happens to sound incredible.

There is a lot of subtle design work that make this guitar much more playable than one would expect. The light weight and neck placement just make it really pleasant and comfortable.

We'll probably make some more.

A real piece of history...
July 7, 2009

It's not often we get to see something this old, in such good shape and still sounding great!

Here, for historical and entertainment purposes, we present:

Joe Veillette Guitar #6, dated June 1974, Grahamsville, NY.

After leaving behind his position as an architectural designer, Joe moved 'upstate' to Grahamsville and started building acoustic guitars by hand (with very minimal tools). This guitar is from that period, and is the 2nd nylon-string instrument Joe built.

Influences from Michael Gurian are visible in the simple, rounded-end headpiece and clean lines. The colorful double-helix rosette (visible in the inset) is made in the traditional 'bundled sticks' method, again by hand.

Back and sides are mahogany, with a Sitka spruce top and maple bindings.

35 years later, this guitar sounds and plays great. It's been spared the ravages of age, and is still in great shape cosmetically and structurally. The bottom end is thick and pliant, and the trebles have a very meaty quality with a nice strong impact.

Special thanks to Bob Gasster at Select Guitars for reuniting us with this guitar.

A New Gem - Walnut Gryphon Swift
June 25, 2009

Here's our latest offspring, a Swift Gryphon in Walnut (body, top and neck) for Terra Guitars. It has wonderful tonal flexibility with the piezo/mag combination and soundhole. It's great having customers who order really cool pieces like this.

Introducing...The Parlor 14"
June 9, 2009

It sometimes seems like not a week goes by when we don't come up with something new. Usually, it's something we've been itching to make for a long time and have finally gotten around to building.

This new is certainly one of those - we've been looking forward to this one for a while! Behold - the Parlor 14"!

This shape completes our full spectrum of sizes, from the 13" Gryphon to the 17" Bass. It's a comfortable delight to hold, with a very intimate feeling and no right-arm discomfort.

The 25" scale and shallower box emphasize the midrange and really let this guitar project - shades of resonator guitars and even Selmer/"Django" sounds are present, along with a very vocal quality. Note separation and articulation are also outstanding, and the whole range of the guitar is very quick, sensitive, and responsive.

With the addition of the 14" shape, we can now fine-tune every aspect of a custom guitar to target an exact sound and response for any musician's needs - from the delicate fingerstylist to the heavy-handed rhythm player, and everyone in-between.