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A new twist on the Gryphon...
June 4, 2010

Since Joe just can't stop thinking of new and different things to try, this was really just a matter of time...

Veillette Nylon String Gryphon

This is our first take on a Nylon-string Gryphon!

With the same scale as the regular steel-string Gryphon  (if you could call such a thing 'regular'), this Nylon-string has a fascinating blend of Gryphon sparkle with the warmth and smoothness of a classical guitar - a very unique voice.  Classical pieces played on its full-width neck will sound unlike anything you've ever heard before - and the short scale means long intervals can be reached incredibly easily.

A very unusual custom
May 14, 2010

Here's a quick snapshot of a very special (and pretty different) piece we just finished...

(Of course, one of the most unusual parts for us is that it's a standard-tuned 6-string guitar!  Yes, we do make them):


Custom Veillette 6-string - Joey WeisenbergHere's the story:




Custom body shape

27 frets

Hipshot "Trilogy" multiple tuning bridge: allows 729 different possible tunings (3 different notes per string!), along with pedal-steel type bending effects

Special knob locations for 'rolling' volume and tone while playing

GraphTech "Ghost" piezo bridge

Dual Duncan Vintage Rails pickups

Eclipse blender preamp




This guitar was custom-made for Joey Weisenberg,

a renowned klezmer musician from New York City.

We can't wait to hear what he does with it!

Some really beautiful wood in stock!
April 16, 2010

This gorgeous material just arrived, from the 'top-shelf' stash of one of our best wood suppliers:


Pommele Sapele

 This "Pommelle" Sapele has some of the most striking and 3-D figure you'll find anywhere, particularly in a mahogany-type wood.  Even dry, with no finish, this wood is just incredible.


 Beyond the beautiful figure, it is a wonderful acoustic material - it rings with a nice, crisp tone when tapped, and should sound very similar to the top-grade mahogany we normally use.



These sets are sized for Acoustic Gryphons, and there are only a couple available.


Macassar Ebony

This Macassar Ebony has some really dramatic color variations, which look great as a bookmatched back.


Of course, we have matching sides with very attractive striping.  Paired up with some koa or other light brown binding, these sets will look extremely striking.



We can't be sure when (or if!) we'll get more of this material, so call soon if you're interested in a Gryphon built with this spectacular and rare wood!

The latest Newsletter has arrived!
April 9, 2010

We've been very busy designing, buildling, and improving guitars in the last few months,

and it's about time we send out one of our Newsletters to let everyone know

what's new and cool around here....



Here it is!

The Veillette Spring 2010 Newsletter!


This latest "edition" is full of new options and features,

some great pictures from NAMM and other shows,

new sound and video samples, and much more.

Since we never stop coming up with new twists,

there's always plenty to talk about...

Colin Hay - At Work with his Veillette Acoustic Gryphon

Colin Hay - At Work with his Gryphon

A good week for Nylon-strings...
April 2, 2010

It just so happens that this week finds us with a brand-new example of basically every nylon-string we make!

This is a really fun and interesting chance to compare and contrast the different models and options.

What we've learned so far is that they all sound and play great!







The Alpha is our most affordably priced model, with a satin finish, plain top, and 'no-frills' configuration. However, the sound and feel are every bit as good as it's more upmarket siblings.  Plugged in, this guitar sounds incredible - like a great acoustic classical guitar, plus a little extra sustain and punch.






















Next in line is a very similar guitar, dressed up a little bit more:

The Swift Nylon-string adds a figured maple top, optional soundhole/chamber, and black hardware to the visual mix. This example also features an optional mahogany body and neck, which warm up and smooth out the sound a little bit.





















Finally, our newest nylon model:  The Jazz 14" Nylon-string!

The large, continuous air chamber in this larger-bodied guitar make it as light (or sometimes lighter) than a smaller solidbody. Along with the floating spruce top, this also adds more 'air' and acoustic quality to the tone, trading away a little bit of sustain in favor of a very organic sounding attack and decay.  For bossa nova or jazz flavors, this guitar is unbeatable.







All our Nylons feature the fully height-adjustable wooden bridge with piezo pickup and 18v D-Tar Wavelength preamp.


There's no way to decide which of these we like best - they're all excellent!  However, this A/B/C comparison may help

us and our customers decide which guitar best suits their needs and musical personality. 

With our flexible production and extensive list of options and possibilities, we can always design the perfect fit .

The Gryphone? The Gryphette? The G-Minor?
March 19, 2010

Whatever we decide to call it, one thing is for sure:
This is, very simply, the first of its kind.

This is our standard Gryphon body, with a shortened 16.5" scale that allows the open strings to be tuned a full octave higher than 'standard'.

This means all chord shapes and fret positions are the same note names as on a regular guitar - no capoing or transposing necessary!

Even beyond the special scale, this is a pretty special guitar all around, with:

  • Cuban Mahogany Back, Sides, Neck, and Headplate
  • Adirondack Spruce top and bracing
  • Black Ebony fingerboard and bridge

The higher pitch and shorter scale give this guitar a beautiful and charming voice that's different from our ever-popular D-tuned Gryphon - it has a little extra 'lift' that just makes you smile. Our customer agrees!

Anyone with a name suggestion, please feel free to email and let us know!