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A stunning Gryphon headed for Fine Acoustics...
August 18, 2010

This Gryphon is the first we've done with the incredible Pommele Sapele we featured a few months ago.

This stunning wood is very similar to Mahogany in tone and color, along with some of the deepest, richest quilt figure we've ever seen.

What a beautiful material!

Veillette Gryphon Pommele SapeleVeillette Gryphon Pommele Sapele




















The Sitka Spruce top is finished in our "Classic" tint, for an aged-natural kind of vibe.An ebony fingerboard and bridge complete the classic color scheme. 

This piece is bound for Fine Acoustics in Westminster, MD. Ed Smith runs this great and very high-end shop, and we're glad to have him represent our guitars!

Calling Veillette fans in NYC: new instruments at Ludlow Guitars!
July 16, 2010

We're happy to let our New York City friends about some new things happening at Ludlow Guitars.

For those that don't know, Ludlow is one of the best and most popular shops in New York, equally renowned

for their excellent vintage selection and their wide range of great new instruments.


Veillette Journeyman Gryphon



This killer Journeyman Gryphon just arrived.

The blendable piezo/magnetic pickup system can do pretty much anything,

and the killer quilt top is set off with a deep blue high-gloss finish.






Ludlow also has some killer 6-string Veillette electrics in stock,

and a gorgeous bass in the works with "all the options"...stay tuned.


Check them out!


Ludlow Guitars

164 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002
212 353 1775

The Paris bass - form following function
June 23, 2010

This Paris bass is a lovely example of Joe's original design intent:

an instrument whose looks are 100% driven by the functional needs of the player.

There are no "frills", no figured top, and every part of the bass has a purpose.



The poplar body with a light tobacco burst is lightweight and resonant.

The maple neck and Pau Ferro fingerboard are strong, stable, and beautiful without being "flashy".


Dual Citron humbucking pickups and an onboard Aguilar EQ make for a very flexible range of tones.

This bass has a custom wiring scheme, with a passive treble Tone control replacing the standard active Treble control.


Our customer (who already owns a gorgeous Archtop 5-string bass) wanted to keep this magnetic-only, so the strings

are anchored to "monorail"-style individual bridges, for excellent string separation and minimal mass.


As much as we love making instruments with gorgeous AAAA figured tops and maximum 'flash',

it's also very satisfying to make an instrument that is totally driven by purpose.  This bass sounds

just as great as its more 'upmarket' cousins, and has a class and understated beauty all its own.

A new twist on the Gryphon...
June 4, 2010

Since Joe just can't stop thinking of new and different things to try, this was really just a matter of time...

Veillette Nylon String Gryphon

This is our first take on a Nylon-string Gryphon!

With the same scale as the regular steel-string Gryphon  (if you could call such a thing 'regular'), this Nylon-string has a fascinating blend of Gryphon sparkle with the warmth and smoothness of a classical guitar - a very unique voice.  Classical pieces played on its full-width neck will sound unlike anything you've ever heard before - and the short scale means long intervals can be reached incredibly easily.

A very unusual custom
May 14, 2010

Here's a quick snapshot of a very special (and pretty different) piece we just finished...

(Of course, one of the most unusual parts for us is that it's a standard-tuned 6-string guitar!  Yes, we do make them):


Custom Veillette 6-string - Joey WeisenbergHere's the story:




Custom body shape

27 frets

Hipshot "Trilogy" multiple tuning bridge: allows 729 different possible tunings (3 different notes per string!), along with pedal-steel type bending effects

Special knob locations for 'rolling' volume and tone while playing

GraphTech "Ghost" piezo bridge

Dual Duncan Vintage Rails pickups

Eclipse blender preamp




This guitar was custom-made for Joey Weisenberg,

a renowned klezmer musician from New York City.

We can't wait to hear what he does with it!

Some really beautiful wood in stock!
April 16, 2010

This gorgeous material just arrived, from the 'top-shelf' stash of one of our best wood suppliers:


Pommele Sapele

 This "Pommelle" Sapele has some of the most striking and 3-D figure you'll find anywhere, particularly in a mahogany-type wood.  Even dry, with no finish, this wood is just incredible.


 Beyond the beautiful figure, it is a wonderful acoustic material - it rings with a nice, crisp tone when tapped, and should sound very similar to the top-grade mahogany we normally use.



These sets are sized for Acoustic Gryphons, and there are only a couple available.


Macassar Ebony

This Macassar Ebony has some really dramatic color variations, which look great as a bookmatched back.


Of course, we have matching sides with very attractive striping.  Paired up with some koa or other light brown binding, these sets will look extremely striking.



We can't be sure when (or if!) we'll get more of this material, so call soon if you're interested in a Gryphon built with this spectacular and rare wood!