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A nice piece of's our new tailpiece!
February 3, 2012

OK - "tail piece"...we just couldn't resist the pun...

Anyone who's followed our "What's New" blog will know that we are constantly trying to improve the details of our instruments, to add or improve functionality and make the designs ever better.

Here's our latest upgrade, a really cool new tailpiece!

Veillette Elan


This "trapeze" style tailpiece is anchored to the body with a single machine screw, hidden underneath the closed surface.

The whole unit swivels freely side-to-side, allowing the strings to find their most comfortable balance point and assuring tuning stability.

The vertical alignment is rigid, but adjustable, allowing the builder or player to fine-tune the downward break angle over the bridge, to ideally match the desired playing feel, piezo pressure, and string gauge.

A cleverly concealed copper conductor grounds the strings without any visible wires, allowing hum-free operation with any pickup configuration.


Available for both 6-string and 12-string guitars, this new tailpiece is a step forward functionally and visually.

It will be a standard feature on our new Flyer series, and on the Elan arched-top electric guitars.


What will we think of next?  Stay tuned to find out...