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The Flyer - our incredible new model!
January 4, 2012

Let's face it - we're no strangers to unusual guitars...actually, they're pretty much what we're all about.

Every time we come up with something new, it's exciting and opens new doors. 

However, certain new developments are particularly inspiring, and feel like something big. This latest model is one of those - we are very, very excited about this:

Behold - the Flyer!

The Flyer’s tone is bursting with personality - an intriguing blend of acoustic flavors, combining flattop, jazz archtop, resonator, and Macaferri-style elements.  Echoes of vintage Stellas and classic blues sounds mix beautifully with the chop and responsiveness of a jazz box.  The midrange is lively, open, and very vocal – incredible for slide playing and excellent for complex fingerstyle where note definition is essential.

The solid Sitka Spruce top is curved into a “radiused” arc shape, yielding a stiff but lightweight face that responds very differently from your average flattop guitar.  The Flyer’s solid maple back and extra-thick bent sides are designed and built to withstand the rigors of travel far better than traditional acoustics – making this the perfect traveling companion or touring guitar.  The full-scale (25”) 22-fret neck and compact body result in a very satisfying full-sounding guitar.

Unplugged, the Flyer has much more volume and “cut” than its small size suggests, with projection that rivals many larger guitars.  Plugged in, the Flyer’s distinctive personality shines through the high-fidelity onboard electronics, resulting in an incredibly playable and comfortable stage acoustic with a look and sound that really stand out.

As I said - we couldn't be happier about how this turned out.  It's a very special piece, and it is sure to be the first step in a whole new direction.