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The new Gryphon 6-string has arrived!
November 18, 2011

Our Gryphon has perennially been one of our most popular and best-selling guitars - the incredible range, portability, and zero-learning-curve playability have charmed many, many players.

Now, after 10 years (hard to believe, but true!) of Gryphon 12-strings, we are thrilled to formally introduce the Gryphon 6!

Veillette Acoustic Gryphon 6

Along with all the sparkle and shimmer of the original Gryphon, the 6-string version has a clean, precise, and articulate voice ideal for fingerstyle playing, doubling a regular guitar, and sweetening any recording or performance.

This first one was built by request for a very successful studio guitarist who already depends on his Gryphon 12 as a "secret weapon" session instrument.  Now that we've played it, we are totally sold on the idea - this is a spectacular and very useful instrument, and definitely has its own unique voice - a natural complement to the 12-string Gryphon, and incredibly fun to play.

The Gryphon 6 is available immediately!  Give a call or email us to find out more...