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July 12, 2011

Our design has always relied on simplicity, cleanliness, and the "no-frills" look that arise from our "tools for musicians" concept.

However, even we are occasionally blown away by the beautiful and complicated woods that Nature dreams up, and must admit that they can make for pretty fetching-looking Veillettes...


Veillette Pommele Sapele

This amazing looking Terz cutaway is made of Pommele Sapele.

Sapele is an African wood that is quite similar to Mahogany, and is sometimes found with this astonishing "Pommele" figure, which rivals the very best quilted maples.

Wood like this is best left to tell its own story - so this guitar is done with a simple clear finish, allowing the Sapele to really shine.

Its similarity to Mahogany also makes Sapele an excellent-sounding wood - warm and rich, with complex midrange and a very sweet high end.


We have a limited supply of this Sapele left, and are not sure when we'll be able to get more.

Our remaining sets are best suited to Terz, Parlor, and Gryphon instruments.

If you'd like to see something like this every time you pick up your guitar - don't wait too long...give us a call before it's all gone!