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Introducing the Concorde Bass!
March 8, 2011

If you've looked carefully, you may have noticed a new instrument in our front-page instrument rotations...


Now, officially - we're pleased to introduce the Concorde, our newest bass!


This instrument is designed to push even further into the 'acoustic' and hollowbody territory.

A heavily chambered body with dual soundholes is complemented by our newest bridge design,

a one-piece height-adjustable wooden bridge system that looks and sounds great!


The pickup system is straightforward and effective, with a single pasive Citron humbucking pickup.

Controls are a Volume and the wonderful Stellartone rotary tone control, which offers 16 different positions

with different capacitor/resistor networks, for a very progressive and linear adjustment, an extremely wide

range of usable sounds, and totally repeatable settings thanks to the stepped "clicking" rotation.


The hollow body and passive electronics make this bass incredibly responsive to the touch and feel of the player.

Don't be fooled by the single pickup...there are a LOT of tones in this instrument!


This bass was one of the stars of our NAMM exhibit in January, and got picked up more than any other bass in our booth.

We're thrilled with it, and can't wait to make the next one!