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New Newsletter, and our most custom guitar ever!
February 11, 2011

Despite all the snow and cold, we're managing to have a really nice time in here this Winter - making unusual guitars, designing new little details, and having fun all day long.

We've also just finished sanding our latest custom - probably the most labor-intensive and unusual guitar we've built yet:

Veillette Doubleneck Acoustic

This Doubleneck Acoustic has a Standard-tuned 6-string neck up top, and a Gryphon High-12 for the lower neck.


The bracing is carefully designed to let each bridge drive the top about the same way as on a single-neck instrument.


The single large central soundhole bridges underneath both necks.  A 16" lower bout width keeps the size reasonable and comfy, and our new headpiece design makes the balance as good as it can be.


The hardest part will be waiting for the finish to dry...we simply can't wait to hear this guitar.
















That's just one of the many exciting things we're up to these days.

In fact, there's a whole new Newsletter full of exciting new models and designs, pics and video from this year's NAMM show, and a whole lot more!  If you haven't seen it yet, click here or on the image below to read all about the latest and greatest:

Veillette Guitars Newsletter Trio

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!