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It's official - the newest model: The E-tuned "Gryphon Sweet 16"
September 22, 2010

This latest model is the natural next "step up" (pun intended) from our ever-popular Gryphon model.


Veillette Gryphon Sweet 16 


A shorter 16.3" scale allows the Sweet 16 to tune up to E, a perfect full octave higher than a standard-tuned guitar.

This means all the chords and shapes you know and love lay out right in the same positions - making sight-reading, transcription, or simply playing along with friends as easy and simple as with any guitar - no transposing or capoing required!


The shorter scale also gives this guitar its own voice and personality - perky and responsive, with a brilliant top end and midrange cut, which complements the 'classic' D-tuned Gryphon beautifully.

Scale length gives a guitar much of its personality, and this is much more than simply a Gryphon with two frets missing.

Sonically, the new Gryphon Sweet 16 fits into its own new category. In fact, this gorgeous sunburst piece is going to its new home to live alongside a D-tuned Gryphon.


We're really excited about how these are coming out!

They're charming and really inspiring to play.