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A good week for Nylon-strings...
April 2, 2010

It just so happens that this week finds us with a brand-new example of basically every nylon-string we make!

This is a really fun and interesting chance to compare and contrast the different models and options.

What we've learned so far is that they all sound and play great!







The Alpha is our most affordably priced model, with a satin finish, plain top, and 'no-frills' configuration. However, the sound and feel are every bit as good as it's more upmarket siblings.  Plugged in, this guitar sounds incredible - like a great acoustic classical guitar, plus a little extra sustain and punch.






















Next in line is a very similar guitar, dressed up a little bit more:

The Swift Nylon-string adds a figured maple top, optional soundhole/chamber, and black hardware to the visual mix. This example also features an optional mahogany body and neck, which warm up and smooth out the sound a little bit.





















Finally, our newest nylon model:  The Jazz 14" Nylon-string!

The large, continuous air chamber in this larger-bodied guitar make it as light (or sometimes lighter) than a smaller solidbody. Along with the floating spruce top, this also adds more 'air' and acoustic quality to the tone, trading away a little bit of sustain in favor of a very organic sounding attack and decay.  For bossa nova or jazz flavors, this guitar is unbeatable.







All our Nylons feature the fully height-adjustable wooden bridge with piezo pickup and 18v D-Tar Wavelength preamp.


There's no way to decide which of these we like best - they're all excellent!  However, this A/B/C comparison may help

us and our customers decide which guitar best suits their needs and musical personality. 

With our flexible production and extensive list of options and possibilities, we can always design the perfect fit .