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A "Nouveau" look at our Paris bass...
June 18, 2014

What's this? Well, it's the newest revision of our Paris bass!

Tentatively called the "Paris Nouveau", this bass has been tweaked to dramatically improve the balance and ergonomics.

The neck has been redesigned to 21 frets, with a neck-to-body joint at the 13th fret position. This means a much shorter neck extension, and a more optimal strap button placement. The changes may look subtle, but they mean a lot in the right places.

As shown in the above photos, the back of the neck heel is cut away more deeply as well, so upper position access remains comfortable and easy.

The result is a bass that hangs 'just right', in the lap or on the strap. The left hand is free to move without worrying about supporting the neck - how nice! Even as a 5-string, this bass stays where it's put and doesn't 'dive' the way so many other basses do.

This latest Paris also features a new design of our adjustable-height wooden bridge. This compact and elegant bridge allows for independent adjustment of both sides, for perfect fine-tuning of action. Unlike our older design, the new bridge also lets the player use standard-length strings, for much more flexibility of choices.

We are very happy with this new bass and are looking forward to making this our new standard bass model! It sounds great, feels great, and we think it looks pretty nice too...