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Kaki King talks Veillette in Guitar World
October 19, 2012

Our customers and players are usually pretty unique musicians - creative people who are searching outside the normal paradigm of guitar.

A perfect example is our good friend and Gryphonista, Kaki King.  Kaki has practically invented a new vocabulary for fingerstyle guitar, and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible for the solo guitar.

Kaki's new album, "Glow", is out now!  Pick up your copy, and check out Kaki's tour dates at:


Kaki just sat down with Guitar World magazine to talk about recording "Glow" - here's an excerpt that made us happy:

I imagine you used your signature Adamas guitar. What else? Can you give me some details?

Yes. I did use the Adamas. There’s also a guitar that’s featured three times. It’s a small, 12-string guitar called a Gryphon. It’s high-strung, way above a normal guitar tuning. And it’s made by a guy named Joe Veillette, who happens to live in Woodstock as well. So I hung out with him a couple times. That was sort of randomly awesome and convenient. And that’s on “Great Round Burn,” “King Pizel” and “Fences.” It’s this tight, punchy little gorgeous sound.


How did you come across that guitar?

It was David Torn, who produced a record of mine back in the day. And we met up in Manhattan years later. It was just a lunch, and he had this little guitar. And he said, “Yeah, check this out. This is my new thing.” I had also owned a Veillette baritone electric guitar, which I bought ... I literally bought off the rack at a shop, you know, I was so impressed by it. I loved it. So, anyway, he had this Veillette, and I was like, “Veillette, yeah that guy’s amazing.”

And I put it in my hands, and my first thought was, “I have to own one.” That was just it, and that was years before I did. So, finally I got in touch with Joe and was like, “I really want to get this kind of guitar.” And anyway... I came into possession of a Gryphon, and it just sort of wrote songs by itself. It’s one of the neatest little guitars. It was very important to the record.

Thanks for the kind words, Kaki!  We love the new album.


Here's the video for "Great Round Burn", featuring her Gryphon: