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Custom Merlin Nylon Uke-Guitar!
October 11, 2012

OK, sometimes seems like everything we make is an oddball custom.

However, this one is a little more so - even for us!

Veillette Merlin Uke Nylon

This is a custom (obviously) Merlin-sized nylon-string Uke/Guitar (Guitalele?).

Tuned up to A, the highest 4 strings are equivalent to a typical soprano Uke.  The lower two courses fill out the full range and make for an easy transition from standard guitars.

This was commissioned by Tim Pierce, our good friend and heavy-hitting studio guitarist.  Tim works with the very best people in the industry, and you've almost definitely heard him play - probably almost every time you turn on the radio!



-16.3" scale, custom nylon strings for A-tuning (5 frets higher than standard E-E tuning)

-"Merlin"-size 10.75" body width

-Radiused fingerboard and saddle

-D-Tar WaveLength pickup/preamp system


The "little" guitars always charm us - this one just sounded 'happy', no matter what you played on it!

We're really looking forward to hearing what Tim does with it.