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Flyer Elan

The newest model in our Flyer series, the Flyer Elan combines the comfort and perky responsiveness of our original Flyer model with the thick, sweet tone of a true hollobody jazz axe.
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Just like the original oval-hole model, the Flyer Elan's midrange is lively, open, and very vocal — excellent for complex chords and fast solo passages, where note definition is essential. Fat, strong trebles and a well-defined low end give the guitar a clear and balanced voice through its whole range, perfect for everything from solo chord-melody to big-band rhythm playing.

The solid Sitka Spruce top is curved into a "radiused" arc shape, yielding a stiff but lightweight face that reacts similarly to a carved archtop plate. The adjustable height floating bridge and custom-designed wooden tailpiece contribute to a fast, responsive attack, and offer excellent adjustability and serviceability.

The carefully targeted top thickness and bracing pattern are designed to minimize feedback while still delivering the responsiveness, feel, and "air" that only a true hollowbody can offer.

A full-scale (25") 22-fret neck and compact 13" wide body result in a very satisfying, full-sounding guitar with truly incredible portability — this guitar fits in our "Baby"-sized Gryphon case! Stay tuned — a 14" version of this guitar will be coming soon!

Sleek, compact, and classy, the Flyer Elan is the perfect choice for jazz, blues, R&B, with vintage-inspired hollobody vibe and modern player-friendly features and reliability.

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