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Swift Electric Guitars Construction Details

Hover the mouse over the features that interest you to find out more about them. Information about that feature will pop-up on top of the guitar.

Contoured Body
Swift guitars, like our Paris basses, are 'radiused' on the face for comfort and light weight. This smooth curve on the front of the guitar reduces the weight, while making the edges thinner and rounding over the sharp edge where the right arm crosses - the result is a very comfortable guitar with a uniquely modern look.

Swift Electric guitars come standard with a TonePros locking bridge, offering total adjustability in a rugged, totally road-ready package. The controls are as clean and uncomplicated as we could get - Volume, Tone, and 3-way switch.

Neck Joint and Waist Cut
Like all Veillette guitars, the Swift uses a single bolt to attach the neck. This system's dependability, ease of adjustment and maintenance, and (most importantly) outstanding sound and sustain set the Swift apart from other bolt-on electric guitars. The Swift also features a hand-carved waist cut, making this comfortable guitar even more player-friendly and lightweight.