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Tools that Inspire

Bass Construction Details

Hover the mouse over the features that interest you to find out more about them. Information about that feature will pop-up on top of the guitar.

Battery Box
This custom battery compartment is accessible at any time, without tools. It houses the two 9v batteries that power the onboard preamp. No more fumbling with screwdrivers or losing little screws at the gig!

Our wooden bridge/tailpiece is unique to our instruments, and is responsible for much of the long sustain, natural acoustic sound, and easy maintenance of these instruments. Held in by string tension, this tailpiece is "dovetailed" into the guitar from the back - remove the strings, and the entire assembly will slide out - no glue, screws, or fasteners.

The high mass, direct wood-to-wood coupling and large contact area make this bridge ideal for natural, feedback-free, acoustic sound.

Veillette instruments are powered by the excellent D-Tar Wavelength or Eclipse preamp, with added volume and tone (treble rolloff) controls. This 18 volt system has enormous clean headroom and very long battery life, and sounds very smooth and natural.

Neck Joint
Our neck joint is one of the strongest bolt-on joints ever used on a guitar. A single 1/4" machine bolt screws into a flanged steel "tee-nut" inside the neck, for a rock-solid connection that is vastly stronger than the usual wood screws. The threads can never strip or pull out, and the neck-to-body coupling results in huge sustain and great tone.