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Acoustic Guitar Construction Details

Hover the mouse over the features that interest you to find out more about them. Information about that feature will pop-up on top of the guitar.

Battery Box
This custom battery compartment is accessible at any time, without tools. It houses the two 9v batteries that power the onboard preamp. No more fumbling with screwdrivers or losing little screws at the gig!

Zero Fret
Every Veillette instrument features a zero fret. Positioned where the nut would normally be, this fret greatly improves intonation, makes open strings and fretted notes sound much more uniform, and makes for hassle-free string gauge changes and action adjustment.

The offset soundholes on the Veillette acoustic design have many advantages over the "normal" center hole. The continuous wood in front of the bridge gives the top added stiffness, and counteracts the "caving-in" effect that often happens on 12-string guitars. Furthermore, feedback resistance is greatly improved by moving the soundholes out from underneath the strings.

Veillette acoustic instruments are available with a D-Tar Wavelength preamp, with added volume and tone (treble rolloff) controls. This 18 volt system has enormous clean headroom and very long battery life, and faithfully reproduces the instrument's true acoustic tone.

Pictured with the optional tri-color tuner LED: activated by a push-pull tone knob, this LED flashes blue for flat, red for sharp, and glows solid green for in-tune. Adjustable for brightness, this incredibly low profile tuner is the ultimate in convenience.

Neck Joint
Our bolt-on neck joint is unique in the world of acoustic guitars. A single 1/4" machine bolt screws into a flanged steel "tee-nut" inside the neck, for a rock-solid connection. The threads can never strip or pull out, and the neck-to-body coupling creates the great tone you'd expect from a traditional dovetail joint. Unlike the classic dovetails, though, this neck joint can be adjusted extremely easily by almost anyone! No more expensive and invasive neck resets!